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The Doctrine of Life in Spirit and Truth

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Prelude to Light

   Prelude to Light  How great is your God? He is far greater than man can ever understand!
   The Creation of Substance.   All things that exist consist of the Word of God.
   God is Light - God is Love.  The Eternal Attributes of God are encompassed within the
            Light of the Almighty's Holiness.

   The Origin of all things.
   The Essence of Light.
   The Universal Law of Increase

    Knowledge Puffs up the Flesh.
  *My Doctrine is not mine, But the Father's Who sent Me.
             Jesus the Very Word of Yahweh God says:
Even as the Father said unto Me, so I speak. 
The Almighty Yahweh God declares: Those who will not heed My Words which He (Jesus/Yeshua) shall speak,
             I will require it of them.
Make no mistake: The Communion Doctrine of the Infinite God, is the Father's New Covenant Doctrine for
                                        the Sanctification of the flesh of His saved people.

    Seeing with the Eye of the Spirit.
    Communal or Family Worship of God. The Worship of Almighty God is in Spirit and TRUTH.


   Spiritual Immunity:  You are what you eat. "Take and Eat, This is My Body, given for you"
   *Seeing the Sword of the Spirit.  Vision: God's Grace abounds through Yahweh God's Holy Spirit of God's Grace.
             Come unto Me, all of you who are laboring and heavy burdened, and I will give you Rest.

   The Living Sacrifice. The Lord our Righteousness ever lives to make intercession for His people.
   Who will believe our report       
*Holy Spirit of Truth: Almighty God's Holy Spirit, Administers His New Covenant Grace to
             His people IN Christ Jesus!
   The Fountain of Living WaterThey have forsaken Me the Fountain of Living Water. (Jeremiah 2 verse 13.)
             Holy, Holy, Holy Lord God Almighty is the Fountain of the Water of Life.

   Except a man be born of the Water of the Spirit. Yahweh God's Holy Spirit and the Water of His Word
             are One with the Blood!

The Crucible

   We are all Covenant Breakers:  Who can hear and endure the witness of Jesus Christ?
   Dichotomy of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.
   * The Soul and the Life
              The Life of the Flesh is in the Blood
. Understanding the Soul and the Life of God's creatures.
   Godís Covenant in the Blood.
              The Four Pascal Cups of Israel's redemption.
*Letter to the Hebrews. Examines the Letter Written to the new Convert Jews.  The writings reveals why
              the Evangelical Church has developed several false teachings, and where each heresy dismisses the
              Sanctifying Provisions of God's Spirit of Grace within Communion's New Covenant in the Blood of Jesus Christ.
              Simple logic will try the heresies with an irrefutable indictment against the heretical teachings of some churches.   
   The Dichotomy of the Blood of Jesus Christ
. I Kill and I Make Alive.  I Wound and I Heal.
   The Branching Blood of Jesus Messiah.
   The Altar and the Cross.

What is it


   Transubstantiation, Consubstantiation, or Symbol.

   Transubstantiation. Revealing the anathemas of the Roman Catholic Church.
   Discerning the Truth.
   What is the meaning of "This IS". The bondage within human semantics.
   The Witness of God is Greater.

Arise Shine

   Arise, Shine for thy Light has come.
*This is My Body given for you.  Two visionary dreams in one night.
                #1 Communion Visionary Dream, witnessed in a Protestant church.
                #2 Communion Visionary Dream, witnessed in a Roman Catholic church.
   The Memorial of Remembrance.  A Summary of the two Visionary Dreams.
   The Judas Heart If we say we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the TRUTH is not in us.
*The One Body of Jesus Christ. Make sure you understand the One Body of Christ?
   God's  REVIVAL for Life.  Sin shall not have dominion over you, and yet
                 the Corruption of Sin remains in the Church/Ecclesia.


   The Churchís Confusion in Darkness:
   The Non-liturgical Protestant Church.
   The Heresy of Communion Symbolism.
The Word of the I AM that I AM is not an innocuous word of symbol.
                  The unseen Holy Spirit of Yahweh God's unseen Grace makes Communion alive in Christ Jesus. 
                  Religious man's contrived symbolism conceals Almighty God's Word of Truth.
*Setting the Communion Table Straight. The Lord gave thanks. 
                 Do you know what was Jesus Christ's Thanksgiving Prayer?
   The Roman Catholic Church.

  The Greatest Roman Confusions.
*Christ is the Rock and not Peter. The Faith of Christ is the Rock of Salvation. The confusion exposed!
  Confusion in Mariology. The Mary Cult vs. The truth of Mary: The Hebrew woman is the
                   virgin daughter of Abraham derived from the pure genetics of Adam, God's creation of Man.
   The Iconoclast verses the Iconodules. The Roman church of idolatry.  
   The Churches of General Apathy.  Complacency in the Church has become the Rule.
   The Pride of the Pulpit.  Hearing the Pulpit of Idolatry speak.
How Great a Love is This ?
*Repent from Error and Believe the TRUTH. Learn of the principle heresies that bring confusion
                to the people of Almighty God.  The Creator did not change His Sabbath Day of Rest.

   By What Authority ?

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