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The Dichotomy of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil

"You must be born again of God's Spirit", is the absolute axiom for man to enter into eternal Life within God.  The soul of man that was dead because of sin, must be given new life by the Only God that creates life.  It is essential that Christian leadership establish this faithful understanding in all the churches, and that the hearts of God's people know it is fulfilled, only in a faith that is following Jesus Christ and none other.  But even if God's Salvation into new birth is understood in the Christian heart, then why is sin still mysteriously present within our being?  Oh, you can be in a state of denial, and say that it is impossible for sin, to exist in one that is born again.  But the conundrum is that the flesh of our being, is not born again of the Spirit of God, but has its own will that is at enmity with God and the Spirit of His Good Will.  The flesh, of even the redeemed, has not forgotten what manner of man we are.  Now, if sin finds you out, as it will, then what do you do with your sin, when you begin to see your-'self' wallowing in its gratifying pollution?  When found out, sin will always seek to cover its naked self, with self justifying responses that divert responsibility from our offending flesh.  With sin being in control of our self justifying flesh, we are tossed about and lost in the confusion.  Oh, the good that I would do, but for the evil that is present!

This old body of the natural man we live with, is a dichotomy of the good and the evil of self determining gratification.  Self determination is rooted as one with the Tree of Knowledge of good and evil that is founded in the Garden of Eden, and warned of its deadly consequences in the book of Genesis.  Apart from the leading of God's Spirit, individually or collectively, we are not capable of overcoming the evil root within our minds of self-idolatry that brings forth death and destruction.  Even the good we attribute to ourselves, is centered in self judgment that is twisted with deceptions from the very same root that forms evil.  Very simply, that root is one and the same perverted root, whether for good or for evil, and the core of it is confusion.  That one root comes from the same old Tree of Knowledge of self determination of what is good or evil, judged from ones own Idolatrous self centered perspective.  Even in the flesh of Christianity, your good is not necessarily my good, and your understanding of evil is not necessarily my understanding of evil.  Hence the inevitable human judgmental consequences: If you do not believe in what I believe is correct, then you are anathematized.

Through out the centuries, the leaders of the churches have a history, of being in complicity with the 'good' and 'evil' derived from the Tree of Knowledge.  In hind site, we have witnessed the good that the historical churches would judge to do, for the sake of church doctrine, Bible interpretation, or even for the Gospel's sake, for it was inevitably clarified with violence, even in the Name of God.  Is this not the human rational, "Let us do evil that good would come of it"?  Holy blunder, the end does not justify the means!

With sin in the universe, evil perpetuates its self by justifying its self.  It makes no difference whether it is Catholic or Protestant judgment.  All segments of Christianity are exceedingly guilty.  Historical Catholic Europe is guilty, but right in its own eyes with its religious witch hunts, conquests for land, Inquisitions with suppression of ethnic groups including genocide, infanticide, murder, broken treaties with blood shed, and the merchandising of Christianity.  From its beginning origin in Europe and coming to America, Protestantism is guilty, but right in its own eyes with its conquests for land, genocide, religious witch hunts, the Civil War with suppression of ethnic groups, infanticide, murder, broken treaties with blood shed and the merchandising of Christianity.  We are all right and justified within our own religious myopic eyes, but not in the Eyes of the One Holy Infinite GOD Almighty.  I counsel thee to buy of Me, gold tried in the fire that thou may be rich; and buy of Me, white raiment that thou may be clothed, so that the shame of thy nakedness does not appear; and anoint thy eyes with eye salve that thou may see. (Revelation 3 verse 18.)

This root judgment of the flesh, born from the Tree of Knowledge, blinds all of us, bringing confusion, and obviously is still rampant within all churches, beginning with the clerics, and ending with the people of the pews.  Because of our individual sins, and the generational sin's of the churches, we all have great need for repentance.  And with true godly repentance, we need to seek the application of the mitigating grace of the New Covenant Blood of Jesus Christ, so that through His Spirit of Holiness, we might receive needed humbling correction, and then afterwards be clothed in the unity of His Love.  For, As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten: be zealous therefore, and repent.  (Revelation 3 verse 19.)   

Make no mistake on this matter: It is written in Paul's epistle, and I have heard it myself as a rebuke, coming from the Spirit of the Lord saying; "No flesh shall glory in My Presence". (1st Corinthians 1 verse 29). The True Worship of God the Father, only begins at the Altar Table, with His Word sanctified provisions of the Flesh, and the sanctifying Blood of God's Son Jesus Christ.  The nakedness of our wanton flesh can only be clothed in God's love through His Holy Spirit that is One with the Blood, enabling His people to enter into the presence of God's Holiness in Spirit and Truth.  If we are led by God's Spirit, and when we faithfully drink in of the Lord Jesus' Blood, that is to say His Holy Life of sacrificial love for mankind, then we are renewing in our mind the Covenant agreement, which we have with God.  For Yahweh was pleased to have all His fullness dwell in Yeshuah, and through Him to reconcile to Himself all things, whether things on earth or things in heaven, by making peace through His Blood, shed on the cross. (Colossians 1 verse 19 thru 20). Our concurring agreement with God's Blood Covenant, is that we are participating in mutual fellowship, with the Lord's sacrifice and death for our nature of sin, identified in the flesh, and we now live in faith and hope within His Perfect Love, by the power of the Holy Spirit, revealing a new Life of sacrifice, bearing fruit in Jesus Christ.  Indeed, it is the Love of our God that constrains us; for it is the righteous Life Blood of Jesus Christ that is the mortal antagonist, to the destructive will of sin in the flesh of His believers.  If faith is alive, and not dead in unbelief, then sin will not flourish within the Perfect Love that God gives in the atoning Blood of His Son, Jesus Christ.

Paul makes it clear that because of the law of sin and death, (See Romans 7 verse 18), that it is impossible for our sin infected fleshly minds of self preservation, and justification to ever be perfected within our own merits, and to be justified before holy God:  For the Lord says, without Me you can do nothing! (See John 15 verse 5).  Now with God's mercy and goodness, there is saving and loving grace for the heart that seeks after the heart and mind of Jesus Christ!  For, Yeshuah is the perfect gift of Yahweh's Love, and that Love is the power of God, given to us, so that we may not boast of our own efforts, and yet bring worthy fruit unto God.  Now, if we are in fellowship within the Spirit of Jesus Christ, and when we come together with the one purpose of Worship of God, then we will find ourselves in humility, gathered around a spiritual table of grace and reconciliation, which is set by the Light of the Word of the Lord, with His sanctifying provisions of His Perfect Love.  It is here by faith, where we decide Whom we will believe.  It is here by faith, where our hearts and minds are embraced with the Infinite's law of love and forgiveness, superseding the confines of ourselves, and our supposed understanding of the natural law and the order of all things. 

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Robert Glenn Pratten