Letter to the Hebrews

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Bleeding LIFE into Chapter Ten

Let's review the Last 2 Sentences in Hebrews Chapter 9 and continue our revelation in Chapter 10:

Heb 9:27 It is appointed unto men once to die [for sin causes death], but after this the judgment.

9:28 So Christ was once G0530 offered to bear the sins of many:

For the Christ of The Lord Yahweh God bore the sin and death of sinful mankind once, to die no more for sin,

And unto them that look for Him [Yeshua] shall He appear the second time without sin, unto Salvation. (Hebrews 9 verse 27 thru 28.) But who will believe our report. (See Isaiah 53.)

The Sinless Yeshua Messiah paid the full price for Mankind's sin, for in the Lord Yahweh God's New Covenant IN Yeshua's  LIFE Blood. The innocent Jesus Christ  became mankind's sin and death for He paid the full price for Mankind's rebellious sin that kills all of humanity. So then, Christ died once for the sin's of Man and that of his kind, but Yahweh God was pleased with the Perfection of Christ's sinless Offering of His LIFE and then Yahweh God raised the Man Christ Jesus from the dead of sin.

All of mankind are guilty of sin, and have died or will die because sin has killed them in sin's infectious violence. But those who are faithful in their believing IN Jesus Christ. although they are guilty of sin's malevolence, but in Yahweh's God's Mercy to those of Faith, they are judged by Almighty God to have died IN the crucifixion death of Christ Jesus.  They are dead because of their sin, but the good news is that they are dead in the Body of Christ Jesus Who died for sin.  Then when the sinless Messiah was bodily raised to LIFE, then the souls of the believer IN Christ, according to the PROMISE, would also be raised IN His Resurrection LIFE.  Now the believer the Body of Christ is to live in expectancy of Yahweh's Promise of LIFE.  The promise will be fulfilled at the time when Jesus shall appear the second time without sin, and bring His Salvation Power with Him.  Without Yahweh God's Gift of Salvation IN Yeshua haMashiach, our own Judgment has no efficacious prescription for our death.

10:1 For the Law [in the Torah with it's animal sacrifices] having a shadow of good things to come, but not the exact image [of God's slain Lamb the Messiah], can never with those animal sacrifices, which they offered year after year, make the comers [those that would approach Yahweh God] complete. (Hebrews 10 verse 1.)

The writer to the Hebrews, speaks of the animal sacrifices as being a shadow of the TRUTH of Yahweh God's New Covenant Word that He Promised to give for the sin and death of mankind. This is a Love so Great that it is beyond our human comprehension:

For the Almighty Yahweh God so loved the world that He gave as a sacrifice, His only begotten Son, so that whosoever believes IN His Lamb, should not perish but would have everlasting LIFE.  For Yahweh God did not send His only begotten Son into the world to condemn the word, but through the Sacrifice of His Lamb, the world might be saved.

For the WORD, the Perfect Lamb of Yahweh God was ostensibly slain before the foundation of the world, and when He had come into the world Yahweh God's  Lamb said:

Sacrifices and offerings and burnt offerings for sin Thou would not accept, neither had pleasure thereinThen said He: Lo I come to do Thy Will O God.  He takes away the first [covenant in the blood of animals], that He may establish the second [Covenant IN His Own LIFE Blood of a Perfect Man]. (See Hebrews 10 verse 4 thru 10 in conjunction with Psalm 40 verse 6 thru 10.)

The WORD of Yahweh God, being the Messiah the Christ of Yahweh God, fulfills the heart of Yahweh God:

For He [Jesus/Yeshua the Salvation of God] takes away the first [covenant in the blood of animals] so that He may establish the second,  [The final Covenant in Christ's LIFE giving Blood](See Jeremiah 31 verse 31 thru 33.)


On the Feast of unleavened Bread and while the Messiah's disciples were eating of the flesh of the lamb of the old covenant, Jesus took the unleavened bread, and gave thanks to His Father God, then broke the Bread and gave to His disciples and Said:

Take and eat: This is My Body given for you. And He took the wine, and giving Thanks again to His Father (Yahweh) God, and Said to His disciple: Drink all of you, for this is My Blood of the New Covenant that is shed for the many for the remission of sin.

Now we understand that the first covenant in the blood of clean sacrificial animals was finalized at the Lord Yeshua's Table with His disciples eating the meat of the slain paschal lamb.  Now the Final New Covenant of Yahweh God is established with the Third Cup of Blessing, of which Jesus/Yeshua, the Son of Man/Adam, would inaugurate at His Father Yahweh God's Table of Grace.  The New Covenant is IN Messiah's LIFE giving Blood that was poured out of His Body upon for the sin of Man/Adam. For those that believe in Yahweh God's Salvation Mercy in Christ Jesus, then Yahweh's Everlasting Covenant is IN the LIFE giving Blood of the Messiah, and remains effectual for all time.  The Lord Yahweh God is Faithful to forgive and will bring about the cleansing of the flesh of the repentant humble believer through Yahweh God's Holy Spirit of cleansing Grace that is IN the LIFE giving Blood of the Man Yeshua haMashiach. 

Yeshua/Jesus is Yahweh God's Passover,  meaning Yahweh God's Sacrificial Lamb; For Yahweh God's Passover Lamb was declared to be slain before the foundation of the world.  

Forasmuch as you know that you were not  redeemed with corruptible things   ----  But with the Precious Blood of Christ, as a Lamb without blemish and without spot:  Who was Truly foreordained before the foundation of the world, but was manifest in these last times for you. (See 1st Peter 1 verse 18 thru 22.) If the [satanic] princes of this world had known, then they would never have crucified the Lord of Glory. (See 1st Corinthians 2 verse 6 thru 9.)

From Yahweh God's Eternal Perspective from Eternity, His Lamb was slain before the foundation of the world.  But it was a prerequisite for Christ's Physical Death for sin to be finalized in complete accord with His Father Yahweh God's terms.  This was fully accomplished in the crucifixion of Jesus/Yeshua, and just before His death, Jesus the sinless Salvation of Yahweh God uttered the fateful Words: It is finished.  Then, with the incomparable Faith of Jesus Christ, 3 days later the Messiah was resurrected IN to the LIFE of His Eternal Father, Yahweh God. 

Now then, if the Christ of Yahweh God had not been put to death and risen from the dead in accordance to the Perfect TRUTH of His Holy Father Yahweh God, then Yahweh God's Word is voided, and all of mankind are dead because they were slain by their own willful sins, and having no recourse. But what a conundrum. If the Word of Yahweh God is voided, then in the void of nothingness, nothing would exist of the universe, and we, of the universe, would not have existed to commit sin and to have died. Yet here we are, the yet dead in sin discussing the Evidence that surpasses all of our understanding of what we can see! 

The explanations of dead men walking is certainly void of the understanding of the Infinite Yahweh God Who is Spirit and TRUTH and not subject to dead substance.  In Yahweh God's wondrous creation of time and space, it is also an unknowable wonder why the Lord Yahweh God Almighty created Man-kind that He knew would sin, and yet Yahweh God set His Heart upon sinning Man-kind to save him from eternal death. We weren't there to observe all of the wonders of Elohim's creation, nor later in His creation of time when essentially Yahweh God's Lamb was slain even before God's creation of the world. Our rational explanations of our existence is lost in the bedlam of sin and death without recourse:  But by the unseen substance of faith in the Grace of God, we believe that the TRUTH of the Word of God never fails His Command to perform what He has ordained before the Infinity's creation of the world.

Now lets observe the WORD of the Messiah for He has spoken His Covenant Words to His Father in the Psalms:

Sacrifice and offering Thou would not; but a Body hast Thou prepared for Me: Whole-burnt-offering and sacrifice [of animals] for sin Thou didst not require. Then I said, Behold, I come: In the volume of the book it is written concerning Me:  I desire to do Thy Will, O God. (See Psalm 40 verse 6 thru 8. and used in Hebrews 10 verse 5 thru 7.)

Yeshua/Jesus says: A Body hast Thou prepared Me.  The Eternal Yahweh God in His realm of  Eternity is not bound up in His Creation of time.  If this TRUTH comes to the forefront of our thoughts, then let me ask the astute reader an important question that is answered from the beginnings: When was the Body of Christ first prepared to be an offering?  The Revealed Evidence would produce a True Logic that would say, that the Body of Christ was that of the Lamb of God, and the Body of the Lamb of God would have been of the genetic perfection of the first Man even before the creation of the world.  Even as the Eternal all-knowing Yahweh God is Perfect in all things, and the Body of His Lamb would be Perfect in the genetics of the first Man/Adam: Therefore the Body of the Man Christ Jesus was perfectly ordained as a Son of Adam, even from before the foundation of the world. It is an impossibility, for the Holy Eternal all knowing Creator of time, to prepare the genetic Body of His Lamb and Messiah to be anything less than that of the future first Adam.  Before the first Adam was created, the Perfect Lamb of God was ordained to bear the sins of Man even before Adam brought sin and death to all of mankind.  The Holy Wisdom of the Creator leaves us pondering His Perfection IN His Salvation/Yeshua haMashiach.  It would appear from Scripture that Yeshua haMashiach came in the fullness of His Prepared Body of Sacrifice, and that the LIFE IN Christ's Body was IN His Blood that was shed from His pierced Body, and flowed to the earth as Promised LIFE for mankind. 

In the afore mentioned Scripture we can spiritually witness the Lamb of Yahweh God Say:

Sacrifice and offerings and burnt offerings for sin thou did not desire, neither had pleasure therein; by which were offered through the Torah. Then said He [Messiah]: Lo I come to do Thy Will O God

By obediently doing His Father Yahweh God's Will:

Yeshua haMashiach takes away the first Covenant [in the shed blood of animals that He may establish the second [Covenant IN His shed LIFE Blood].  For by the Father's Will, we are G2070 sanctified [set apart] through the Sacrificial Offering of the Body of Jesus Christ, once. G2078 eschatos {es'-khat-os} (for all). (Hebrews 10 verse 9 thru 10.)

For clarification, the words in parentheses (for all) are not found in the Greek text of this transliterated English script. It appears that (for all) is the scribes inserted opinion of what they think scripture needs to say to lost mankind, themselves included. The word once, G2078 eschatos {es'-khat-os} has 2 interpreted points in Strong's Concordance, that are both referencing the finality of time. 

1. Extreme (last in time or in place)

2. The last, (last, referring to time). Jesus Christ died one time for sin, and those of humanity that are set apart are set apart one time in Christ's sacrificial death. The One Sacrifice of Jesus Christ, is contrasted by Levitical Priests and their many offerings in the 1st Covenant.

For the the following scripture answers any conjectures:

11And every priest stands daily ministering and offering oftentimes their same sacrifice [in the blood of animals] that can never take away (the) sin (of rebellious mankind).

Hebrews 10:10 in Greek:  ἐν θελήματι ἡγιασμένοι ἐσμὲν διὰ τῆς προσφορᾶς τοῦ σώματος Ἰησοῦ Χριστοῦ ἐφάπαξ  G2078!   ἐφάπαξ eschatos is the last Greek word of the transliterated Scripture, and there is no reference to the erroneously added (for all) which 15th century scribes and todays copycats are pleased to include in their theology. Their constructed theology can be interpreted to mean that all persons who have spoken their one incantation are eternally saved.

So Christ was once offered to bear the sins of many: And unto them that look for Him [Yeshua] shall He appear the second time without sin, unto Salvation. (Hebrews 9 verse 28.)

This once G0530 is an English interpretation of the Greek Word `hapax {hap'-ax} with various meaning like once, one time, - the secondary position of (once for all) - more correctly references (one time).

Now lets continue to augment the logic of the writer of the Letter to the Hebrews to its one ending conclusion:

11 For every priest stands daily ministering and offering many times the same [animal] sacrifices, which can never obliterate the sins of Mankind; 12 But this Man [Christ Jesus] after He had offered His One (sinless) Sacrifice (once) and forever for (the) sins (of the people), He sat down on the Right Hand of His Father God; 13 from hence forth waiting until His enemies be made His footstool. For by One Offering He [Yeshua] has completed for ever them that are sanctified [set apart from their sin]
14 For by one offering  He (Christ) has perfected for ever (them who are) sanctified. (Things or people consecrated to God) (Hebrews 10 verse 11 thru 14.)

Christ Jesus, as the genetic Son of Adam, presented His selfless Chagigah Offering of Himself to His Father Yahweh God Almighty, and Yeshua/Jesus IN His Perfection as Man and Son of Adam, He would  as a substitution for the sin of Adam, make Peace for Mankind with Yahweh God Almighty. As the Perfect genetic but sinless Son of Adam/Man, then Yeshua haMashiach alone could make atonement for mankind's sins of death.  Messiah's sinless Offering of Himself to Yahweh God, as Man, the Son of Adam, totally satisfied Yahweh God's Holy Justice.  

The first Adam of the earth, with His rebellion, brought Sin and Death to all of mankind, but the Last Adam is a LIFE giving Spirit, and with His One Sacrifice, He provides His LIFE to all that believe IN the Man Christ Jesus. (See Hebrews 9 verse 23 thru 28.)  All of mankind are conceived to be sinners IN the first Adam's fallen nature, and all will die. However, if by Yahweh God's Gift of Faith IN Christ you are IN the Body of Christ Jesus, then in His death you also died, but because of His sinless perfection, sin could not hold Him in judgment, and the Holy Person within His Body was Resurrected in the Power of His Father's LIFE, and those that are IN Christ Jesus, will also be Resurrected into His sinless LIFE giving Power. Sin cannot be imputed to those who have died in the Body of Jesus/Yeshua haMashiach,  for when the sinless obedient Jesus Christ was raised to LIFE, He brought Yahweh God's Promise of LIFE to those who are IN Christ Jesus. The body of sin was completely vanquished in the resurrected Body of the Living Christ, and where there is no sin there is no death.

Because of the sinless Resurrected Body of Jesus Christ, Holy, Holy, Holy Yahweh Lord God of the Living, patiently waits for all of the sinning dead of existing mankind to repent of their rebellion, and with their hearing of His New Covenant Mercy IN the LIFE giving Blood of Christ Jesus, then they would fully turn toward the Only God of the Living, and receive His Grace for the total remission of sin.  (See Luke 24 verse 45 thru 48.)

Therefore being justified by the Faith [IN Christ], we have Peace with (Yahweh) God through our Lord Jesus Christ: By Whom also we have access by Faith into this Grace [of Yahweh God's Spirit] wherein we stand, and rejoice in hope of the Glory of God. And not only this, but we also glory in tribulations: Knowing that tribulation works [produces] patience; and patience, experience; and experience, hope:  And hope makes not ashamed, because the Love of God is shed abroad in our hearts by God's Holy Ghost Who is given unto us. (Romans 5 verse 1 thru 5.)

14 For by one offering  He (Christ) has perfected for ever (them who are) sanctified. (or ratified as True to those things or people consecrated to Yahweh God) (Hebrews 10 verse 11 thru 14.)

15 Whereof (by Christ's One Offering) Yahweh God's Holy Spirit is also a witness to us; for He had said before hand.
This is the Covenant that I will make with them: After those days Says the Lord Yahweh, I will put MY Laws into their heart and in their minds will I write them.
17 and their sins and their iniquities I will no longer remember.
(See Jeremiah 31 verse 31 thru 34.)

Consider with profound understanding that in verse 14, the part of the verse saying; He has perfected, is referencing Christ's finished work in Yahweh God's New Covenant.

16 This is the Covenant that I will make with them: After those days Says the Lord, I will put MY Laws into their heart and in their minds will I write them.
17 and their sins and their iniquities I will no longer remember.
(See Jeremiah 31 verse 31 thru 34.)

Yahweh God's New Covenant was originally addressed to re-enlighten the Jews that Yahweh God was faithful to His WORD and He would cause  His WORD of Salvation to accomplish His Purpose.  The Jews who would believe in Yahweh God's faithful WORD of Salvation would be set apart [sanctified] from their former or past sins, by their word of faith in the Christ of Yahweh God. And so it is with all faithful believers. (See Romans 3 verse 25 thru 26,)

Sanctification, the setting apart, of the Jew from sin would have first begun with Yahweh God's admonition through His Holy Spirit Of TRUTH.  If He is heeded  then there could be a beginning confession to God by the sinner with their acknowledgement of Yahweh God's New Covenant IN the LIFE giving Blood of Jesus Christ.  Now, if Yahweh God the Almighty takes home the new believer in those first moments without the occasion to commit sin, then it is well and good for the new believe.  It is Yahweh God's prerogative for the number of the days of man and his purpose in God, for they are only known by the Eternal Yahweh God in His creation of time.  With their believing faith, the Jewish soul was sanctified [set apart from their past sin] by the Eternal Yahweh God, and His Promise of Eternal LIFE would be carried forth in their daily lives as obedient believers in the Promise of  Yeshua haMashiach. (Disciples See Luke 9 verse 23 thru 26.)

The crux of the last statement was previously qualified in Yahweh God's Word in Hebrews 5 verses 8 thru 10.

Though He [Christ] was a Son, yet learned He obedience by the things which He suffered: And being made Perfect, He became the Author of Eternal Salvation unto all them that 'obey Him': Called of God a High Priest after the order of Melchizedek. Indeed,

God's Only Begotten Son, Jesus/Yeshua, was in the Body of  human flesh and He was perfected in that which He naturally suffered and learned as an innocent man. So then likewise, whether Jew or gentile, it is to be with the sinning dead believer's that are IN the Body of Christ Jesus that your obedience shows that you are Sanctified, that is 'set apart' from the call of sin, by the things you have patiently suffered in the flesh. 

If you endure chastening then God deals with you as sons of God, for what son is he, whom the Father does not chaste? (See Hebrews 12 verse 5 thru 7.)

Peter also writing to the Jew concurs with the writer of Hebrews:

"Forasmuch as Christ has suffered for us in the flesh, then arm yourselves likewise with the same mind: For he that has suffered in the flesh has ceased from sin: (1st Peter 4 verse 1.)

The believer has entered into Yahweh God's New Covenant of Peace IN Christ Jesus, through his own free will, and has rendered himself to be in Covenant and subject to the Very Good Will of Yahweh God IN Christ Jesus.

 --- Then said Jesus [Yeshua] to those Jews which believed on Him. If you continue IN My Word, then you are My disciples indeed.  You shall know the TRUTH and the TRUTH shall set you free. (John 8 verse 31 thru 32.)  I AM the TRUTH I AM not come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance

All of mankind are sinners, but the self righteous don't believe in the TRUTH for He alone can save them from their eternal death.  Jesus is the TRUTH of His Father Yahweh God, for He is the WORD of Yahweh God by *Whom all things of the universe consist.  The Lord our Righteousness, confirms Yahweh God's New Covenant to His disciples of TRUTH, saying:

This is My Blood of the New Covenant that is shed for many for the remission of sin. 

For Yahweh God's Plan of redemption for sinful mankind was conceived in Yahweh God's creation of time, even before the foundation of the world.  God's Eternal Sacrifice for sin was established in His Word of TRUTH that never fails: For victory over the sin and death of mankind is accomplished once and for all time in the crucified Body of the Man Jesus Christ. 

For in that Christ died, He died unto sin once, but in that He lives, He lives unto Yahweh God.  (See Romans 6 verse 10 thru 11.)

The sinless Hebrew Messiah, Yeshua haMashiach, arose from the dead of mankind's sin, to die no more, to the Glory of His Holy Father Yahweh God.

However, because of mankind's self righteousness that is innate to our earthly idolatrous body of sin and death, the fullness of Yahweh God's established New Covenant in the cleansing LIFE giving Blood of His Son Yeshua haMashiach, given IN Communion, is dismissed as of no consequence.  Really!

Therefore, says Paul; whosoever shall Eat of the Bread and Drink of  the Cup of the Lord unworthily shall be guilty of the Body and Blood of the Lord. 

Unbelief, in the TRUTH of the WORD of God, whether it is of the Jew or Gentile, is stifling to the soul of man that is naturally subject to the wisdom of man's own conceits!  (See 1st Corinthians 11 verse 23 thru 26.) The Almighty God has credited the 'set apart' believer with the Salvation that is IN Christ Jesus, but to receive the credit for the sinning believers, there needs to be  a true application to the credit account that is IN Christ Jesus, the Lord our Righteousness.   The Holy Savior, Who bore our sins says to the forgetful sinning believer:

"Do this in Remembrance of Me: For as often as you eat this Bread, and drink from this Cup, you proclaim the Lord's death until He comes.

Believing  Faith, in the Living Word of Yahweh God, cleanses the sinner's conscience of their confessed idolatrous transgressions, and enables them to live IN the Body of Christ with the Remembrance of the TRUTH of their Savior Yeshua/Jesus the Christ of Yahweh God. (See Hebrews 9 verse 13 thru 14,)

My son, despise not the chastening of the Lord, nor faint, when you are rebuked of Him.  For whom the Lord loves He chastens, and scourges every son whom He receives. If you endure chastening, Yahweh God deals with you as with sons; for what son is he whom the Father chastens not?  For if you are without chastisement, whereof all are partakers, then are you bastards, and not sons. Furthermore we have had fathers of our flesh which corrected us, and we gave them reverence: Shall we not much rather be in subjection unto the Father of spirits, and live? (Hebrews 12 verse 5 thru 9.)

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