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Abortion: The Murder of the Infant in the Womb.
A voice cries from the womb: Mommy! Mommy! Please, for love's sake don't murder me !

In God's order, of the created life of man, male and female, the wedding bed is undefiled. (See Hebrews 13 verse 4.) If the woman is in her ovulation cycle, then with coitus between the male and the female, there will be a physical race from between 200 million to 400 million of unique sperm, seeking to be the first to reach the goal of a beginning life.  Except for multiple conceptions, generally in this race there will be only a unique solitary sperm that will unite with the mother's solitary ovum.  Then when infusing with each other, there will be the miracle of a unique new life.  With conception, the solitary child in the womb, has overcome enormous odds to win the right to become a living soul in this world: For that child has over come the two hundred million plus to 1 odds, to become that one unique living soul, who has won that one beginning race into life.  God's miracle of human life, begins with the conception of two cells within the womb of the mother, and the new life will gestate into the offspring child of mankind, waiting to be born into this life as a winner.  All of the winning children conceived by man, should be nurtured, as such, and given the parental Love and Godly wisdom that leads the soul to an Eternal Life within the Savior of mankind, Christ Jesus.

Note that the genetic DNA in a solitary cell of the beginning child in the womb, is the same instructions in all of the cells of the child, and does not change with the growth of the child.  In other words, the DNA in a newly conceived child, will remain the same genetic instructions as in the grown child.  From the beginning of the conception of a life within the mother's womb, the DNA of that life of a person is the same from the very beginning until its formed body returns to the dust of the earth.

The life of the child is precious in the sight of the all knowing Eternal God of the living. (See John 3 verse 16-17. Psalm 51:5, 139:1315; Jeremiah 1:5) However, witness for yourselves the depths of sin's depravity in mankind. The very disturbing pictures presented on the following web site are horrendous depictions of murders committed by the monsters of abortion, and their like minded slaves of death. This particular link has ceased to exist / Violence begets more violence, and when life has no value, then the satanic ruler of death rules in the heart of man. The wisdom of this dark world is justified by its children, for death is perpetuated in the corrupted mind that is rooted in the individual choices in Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.  As long as death reigns as a choice in the world, then there will be no peace and safety for humanity.

Mommy! Mommy! Please love me and save me from my slaughter in your womb, for I am an innocent child.  

To the mother of the innocent, you will save yourself from the guilt of this wickedness! The wickedness of the self proclaimed wise, gives license to the now self determining little gods of men and women to choose a hideous death for the innocent child in the womb of its mother.  Now the womb of mommy becomes the bloody grave of the butchered innocent child.  From the beginning of conception, the life of a human child was birthed within the mother's womb to be in the very image and likeness of its mother's and father's genetic essence.  But now that the miracle is unwanted, then the precious life of the unborn child is destroyed, as if life never had any value whatsoever. The growing new human life is perversely depicted by the blind and mindless abortionist fool to be a noxious parasitic piece of tissue, and likened to a malignant cancer feeding off the female body.  The woman is convinced by the dealers in death that her child is none other than a parasitic growth that can be medically exterminated.  In the darkness of sin, the mother's final decision to abort her child, has made her culpable to the actual murderer of the life of her innocent, unborn infant.

Do any one of the abortionist, legislators and voters for the so called pro choice movement, having been given the chance to be a human adult, now see themselves as a useless cancerous parasite?  If your life was aborted in the womb of your mother, then what would you call those who perpetrated your slaughter in the womb?   Yes, you would call them murders, or else you're a gross liar!  The final Judgment for all murders, awaits in God's righteous final Judgment.  Without God's Mercy, in Christ Jesus, the abominable evidence of the murders of the innocent will be imprinted, not only on the souls of the so called doctors who butcher the innocent, but also on the souls of all those in agreement with this hideous crime of the slaughter of innocent children.

All those who promote the destruction of the innocent in the womb, are dead souls, whose corrupted minds have sanitized the murder of children with their lying nomenclature of pro choice.  All of these souls, bent on death, are immersed in the same gross satanic evil that promotes the murder of all of mankind.  Satan, the wicked lord of the flies, breeds nothing but death, and then feeds on his corruption within the dead souls of those who vote in agreement with Satan's singular choice of sin and death.  The death lords of abortion, feed their temporary lives on this earth, with the violent death of the innocent. The wisdom of all of the pro choice abortionist, exemplifies the wicked breeding flies of Satan's corrupting influence that promotes the murder of living children in the womb. 

In the darkness of the depraved mind of man, many dismiss the eternal evidence of the only Creator God of the living. (See Mark 12 verse 27.) Nevertheless, the Eternal Creator of all things of the universe, knows all of the secret things of those who appose life.  The Wisdom the Eternal God cries out to whosoever has ears to hear His pronouncements: He who sins against Me, wrongs his own soul: All those who hate Me love death. (Proverbs 8.)  Holy, Holy, Holy Lord God Almighty will be the final Judge of His universal creation: For the Righteous Almighty God will rightly judge the disposition of all of the souls of mankind, whether  they be the slain innocent in the natural womb, along with the soul of a person who answers God's call to Life in the Light of Christ; and yes, to all those dead souls who choose to exist within their own wickedness that invites the darkness of death.  Woe unto all sinners that condone and do violence to the innocent child in the womb!  Be careful for your own soul's destiny; for no person or persons have the right to choose for the murder of the solitary child in the womb. The children of this dying world are known by their wisdom.

Mommy, Mommy, I am far more precious and more valuable to God our Creator, than all the birds of the air or any of the living animals that give birth to pets. (See Matthew 10 verse 29 thru 31.) If you choose death for me, then Life, Itself, will have little or no meaning for you.  All that are slaves to the abortion of the innocent, are dead souls that love the god of death.

Since 1970, in the United States of America alone, more that 60 million children were slaughtered in the womb.  In the rest of the world more than 1.3 billion living unborn children were murdered in the womb before they took their first breath of air in this world.  See for your self, the sadistic numbers of the growing murders of the innocent of the womb. The depravity within mankind, is a mind set in absolute corruption, for if the life of the innocent has no value, then the life of any person on earth has no value whatsoever.

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