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Rahab, and the Scarlet Thread.

To accommodate solitary web searches, this paragraph and the following paragraph is redundant in each of the chapters of the four biblical women mentioned in the genealogy of Jesus Christ.  In your search for Truth, it would be prudent to click on all of the highlighted links. 

This treatise on Rahab is a continuation of thoughtful research, initiated in the beginning chapter The Biblical Women in the Genealogy of Jesus Christ. The Truth confirms that the Covenant WORD of God spoken by Elohim in the Garden of Eden is unchangeable and His WORD is fulfilled within the Last Adam, Jesus Christ, for He is the Only Begotten Son of God.  Consider the genetic lineage of these four women Tamar, Rahab, Ruth and Bathsheba, and understand absolutely that they are each in the lineage of the pure genetics of the first Adam taken from Adam's side, as Ishshah/Woman, and not of the satanically mingled and corrupted genetics of the wife of Ham.

It is the glory of God to conceal a thing (matter): but the honor of kings is to search out a matter. (Proverbs 25 verse 2.)

But we speak the Wisdom of God in a mystery, even the hidden Wisdom, which God ordained before the world unto our glory:  Which none of the (satanic) princes of this world knew, for had they known it, they would not have crucified the Lord of Glory. But God has revealed His Wisdom unto us by His Spirit:  For God's Spirit searches all things, even the deep things of Yahweh God (See 1st Corinthians 2 verse 7 thru 11.) Forasmuch as you know that you were not redeemed with corruptible things, such as silver and gold, as received by your empty traditions from your fathers. But you were redeemed with the Precious Life giving Blood of Christ/Messiah, shed as a Lamb without blemish and spot, Who was foreordained even before the foundation of the world, and He is revealed in these last times for you.  (See 1st Peter1 verse 19 thru 21.)

When myopic eyes are taken off the foundation of the TRUTH then the TRUTH must be set directly before the unseeing eyes so that they may see that the foundation has not moved.  God does not change in His WORD.  We are the ones in error, and in need of redemption.  There are many theologians that erroneously explain in their commentaries that because Elohim is the Almighty God, then the Lord is entitled to vacillate in the Sovereignty of His WORD. (See Malachi 2 verses 5 thru 6.) Nay: The Lord God is Holy, Holy, Holy, and He changes not in His holiness, and because He is constant, the WORD of God shall stand forever.  Every WORD of God is pure.  He is a shield unto them that put their trust in Him. (Proverbs 30 verse 5.) All flesh is grass, and all the goodliness thereof is as the flower of the field.  The grass withers, the flower fades: because the Spirit of the Lord blows upon it.  Surely the people is grass.  The grass withers, the flower fades: but the WORD of our God shall stand for ever. (Isaiah 40 verse 7 thru 9.) So then, if all people are likened as to grass, then with whom did the Eternal Lord take council, and who instructed the Lord that He might understand His WORD of power and might, and that with His mercy? (See Isaiah 40 verse 12 thru 15.)

Come, let the grass of the field reason together.  Is the WORD of the Elohim One with the Spirit of Truth, or of the spirit of vanity?  If the Sovereign God, would make a Covenant with His WORD in the Garden of Eden, then God's Covenant WORD of TRUTH will stand on its own, and not need the help of the grass to hold His WORD up.  We will show that the genealogy of Rahab is absolutely true to God's WORD, for His WORD cannot fail.  The true genetic seed of Woman, as the incarnate Son of Adam/Man, will crush the head of the evil one, for it is impossible for the WORD of Holy God to be of an angelic hybrid mixture of flesh that existed before the flood and afterward.  If the Almighty changed the intent of His Covenant WORD, then God would be a god of hypocrisy, and not the God of everlasting TRUTH.  God's WORD, would no longer hold the universe together, and absolutely nothing would exist.  Know therefore that the Lord thy God, He is God, the faithful God, Who keeps Covenant and mercy with them that love Him, and keep His Commandments to a thousand generations. (Deuteronomy 7 verse 9.)

Moreover the WORD of the Lord came to Jeremiah, saying:  Consider thou not what this people have spoken, saying, The two families which the Lord has chosen, He has even cast them off? Thus they have despised My people, that they should be no more a nation before them.

Thus says the Lord:  If My Covenant be not with day and night, and if I have not appointed the ordinances of heaven and earth; Then will I cast away the seed of Jacob and David My servant, so that I will not take any of his seed to be rulers over the seed of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; for [indeed] I will cause their captivity to return, and have mercy on them. (Jeremiah 33 verse 23 thru 26.)

Consider the two families and who they are in God's Covenant WORD.  If God's beginning Covenant WORD, pronounced in the Garden of Eden, is not understood or is diminished in the philosophy of vain men, then the withering grass that returns to the dust of the earth, will not understand the eternal strength of the everlasting WORD of God.  Like the grass of the field, people bend with every wind of doctrine, and can not on their own, keep covenant with the everlasting God. 

The Holy Sovereign God, Maker of the universe, does not vacillate like the grass of the field, for His WORD is constant within Himself, and remains constant within the universe that He holds in existence.  God cannot fail His Covenant WORD, proclaimed in the Garden of Eden, therefore, He will provide the One true genetic Man, conceived in His Image and the Heart of His Spirit, for Elohim will keep His Covenant for the sake of a thousand generations of mankind, and even forever. (See Colossians 1 verse 14 thru 16, and Philippians 2  verse 5 thru 7.)  And He saw that there was no man and wondered that there was no intercessor [no one to intervene on behalf of truth and righteousness]; therefore His own Arm brought Him victory, and His Own Righteousness [having the Spirit without measure] sustained Him.  (Isaiah 59 verse 16. Amplified version.)

Elohim's unchangeable WORD of Truth, was pronounced in the hearing of Adam, Eve and Satan, as well as the spiritual powers that followed after wickedness.  From the beginning of that time in the Garden, God would oversee and protect His Promised WORD of Salvation, at any cost, and His WORD would come forth through the genetic family of the first Man, as the pure human genetic seed of the Woman/Ishshah of Adam.  That seed would burst forth from the womb of a virgin woman of Hebraic faith, as the unfailing TRUTH of God's Covenant WORD of Salvation, being the last generational Adam, Jesus, the Son of Man, the incarnate WORD and Christ of God. 

The generations of the first Adam or that of Man,  began with Adam's third son, who was begotten in Adam's own likeness of man, and his name was called Seth. (See Genesis 5 verse 3.) The name of Seth means Appointed.  Then, from the root of the family tree of Adam, we see the appointed beginning trunk of Seth, whose lineage of genetic man, will branch through nine generations to Noah.  It was before the flood, that Elohim made known to Noah, His Covenant made in the Garden, and enjoined Noah to that Covenant of Salvation.  For with thee will I establish MY COVENANT. (Genesis 6 verse 18.) God's Covenant WORD was established with Noah.  God saw to it that, Noah's generational genetics remained true, going back to the first man, Adam.  Noah's trust and obedience to the Almighty, was made manifest, when he built the ark to God's exacting specifications.   Now, with God's flood waters having destroyed the physically and spiritually corrupted beings of flesh, then after the flood, the genetic tree of the natural man, will branch out through Noah's three sons, of Shem, Japheth and Ham.

However, because of the genetic contamination of three of the four son's of Ham, most probably through Ham's hybrid, carrier wife, then God set forth sever quarantining restrictions for the family of Israel. When the Lord thy God shall bring thee into the land where you go to possess it, and has cast out many nations before thee, the Hittites, and the Girgashites, and the Amorites, and the Canaanites, and the Perizzites, and the Hivites, and the Jebusites, seven nations greater and mightier than thou; And when the Lord thy God shall deliver them before thee; thou shalt smite them, and utterly destroy them. Thou shalt make no covenant with them, nor show mercy unto them: Neither shalt thou make marriages with them; thy daughter thou shalt not give unto his son, nor his daughter shalt thou take unto thy son. For they will turn away thy son from following Me, that they may serve other gods: So will the anger of the Lord be kindled against you, and destroy thee suddenly. (See Deuteronomy 7 verse 1 thru 5.)

The cursed genetic hybrid seed of any carrier woman, cannot be in God's redemptive Covenant that would produce Holy God's Savior of man kind.  The Canaanite seed of Ham's Wife, is a hybrid that is born of past angelic corruption of the genetics of man, and is in the image and likeness of the progenitors of evil.  This angelic hybridization of man is anti God, and is obviously not what Holy God Almighty created in the Garden of Eden, that being Man (Adam) whom Elohim originally made to be in His own image and likeness. The first Adam, sinned against his Maker, and with his treasonous act, the Spirit of God left Man, leaving him male and female of the independent species of Man.  Now it will take no less than a Man in the flesh of the created Adam, but this Man of flesh would be born in the image and likeness of the Eternal God, and in His Innocently He would defeat the evil works of the serpent of evil, and satisfy the Holiness of God Almighty.

The nation of Israel, when abiding in Shittim, and before crossing over the Jordan to destroy Jericho, would suffer sever consequences at the Hand of God, because of their own disobedience to the WORD of God: When the people began to commit whoredom with the daughters from the nation of Moab, [who crossed over the Arnon river to Israel's side of the land of Moab].  And they called the people [Israel] unto the sacrifices of their gods:  And the people [Israel] did eat, and bowed down to their [Moab's] gods. Now to turn away the Holy Wrath of God, Moses said unto the judges of Israel:  Slay you every one his men, that were joined unto Baal Peor.  Because of Israel's infidelity to the Almighty, 24,000 people died in the plague of God's judgment. (See Numbers 25 verse 1 thru 9.)  In God's judgment, Israel would have learned a lesson the hard way.  God means what He says: For, the grass withers, the flower fades away, because the Spirit of the Lord blows upon it.  If people are viewed, in the perspective of the Eternal Holy God Almighty, and seen to be no more than the grass and flower of the field that returns to the dust of the earth, then the Holy Spirit of the Living God of Eternal holiness is not in people, for the people are seen to be in the clutches of death.

God's Covenant WORD, spoken in the Garden, remains constant, and that Covenant WORD of TRUTH will be extended through Noah's eldest son Shem.  The true genetics of Ishshah/Eve, through nine generations to the Man Noah, will continue from his son Shem to faithful Abraham, who, in believing in God and God's Covenant WORD, was justified by his faith in the WORD of God Almighty.  Now, Abraham's genetic seed of Man/Adam would continue in God's Covenant WORD, through Abraham's son Isaac, and then his son Jacob.  God changed the name of Jacob to that of Israel, and Israel begot Judah, through his wife Leah.  Judah would father twin sons, who would each come from the ovum seed of Tamar, Judah's Hebraic daughter in law. And it came to pass, when Tamar travailed, that the one put out his hand, and the midwife took and bound upon his hand a scarlet thread, saying: This one came out first.  Then as he drew back his hand, that behold, his brother came out, and she said:  How have you broken forth?  This breach is because of you.  Therefore his name was called Pharez.  And afterward came out his brother that had the scarlet thread upon his hand, and his name was called Zarah. (See Genesis 38 verse 28 thru 30.)

Forward in time to Joshua

Then Joshua the son of Nun sent out of Shittim, two men to spy secretly, saying, Go view the land, even Jericho.  And they went, and came into an harlot's house, named Rahab, and lodged there. (Joshua 2 verse 1.) When the two spies of Israel came to Rahab's home that was set upon the walls of Jericho, is it possible that they could have known something before hand?  Were the two spies sent out by Joshua, to search out the land of the Canaanites, looking for the people of Israel, who may have been in the land, but were outside of God's protection of His chosen people.  Three hundred or so years earlier, when the patriarch Jacob had died, his son Joseph led a large company of Egyptians and all of Israel, to bury his father.  Except for the young, they all went up into the land of Canaan to bury Israel/Jacob, in Abraham's cave, just south of Mamre, and north of Hebron.  Every one of the entire company of mourners returned back to Egypt immediately after that time. 

Three things come to mind.  First: Even though all of the mourners returned to Egypt, that did not mean that all of the Family of Israel remained in Egypt until the time of the exodus, 240 years later.  Second, this territory is also where Tamar, through Judah, gave birth to her twin sons.   And the third is tied to the second.  We have the presumption that all of Israel was in Egypt, up until the time of the Exodus, but that presupposes that the sons of Zarah also went down into Egypt with their father, and the family of Jacob.  And the sons of Judah; Er, and Onan, and Shelah, and Pharez, and Zarah: but Er and Onan died in the land of Canaan. And the sons of Pharez were Hezron and Hamul. (See Genesis 46 verse 12 and verse 26.)  You will notice in the scripture that the sons of Pharez are listed, but none of the sons of Zarah or their children are not numbered among the 66 persons of the family of Jacob/Israel that went down to Egypt with Joseph's deliverance of his family from the famine.

Map is provided courtesy of Bible Hub.
Mamre is located in the map by the red dot. 
Notice its proximity to Adullam, Judah's stamping ground and where his 5 sons were born.

The five sons of Zarah are listed in 1st Chronicles 2 verse 6 thru 8 as Zimri, Ethan, Heman, Calcol and Dara. As we pointed out above, none of five children of Zarah were among the 66 family members of Israel that went down to Egypt.  Zimri also known as Zabdi, and Ethan are the only Sons of Zarah that are mentioned in scripture as each having a son.  Ethan had a son named Azariah, and Zimri had a son named Carmi.  We discovered Zimri' son Carmi, because he is listed in Chronicles as belonging to the family of Judah. (See 1st Chronicles chapter 4 verse 1.) Zimri would have been last of the five sons of Zarah, and would have been born in Egypt.  Carmi fathered Achan, whose thieving and lying chicanery, brought trouble upon Israel, soon after Israel had destroyed Jericho. (See Joshua 7 verse 1 and 16 thru 20.)

Now in 1st Kings chapter 4 verse 31, Solomon is said to have exceeded the wisdom of these four noted men, Ethan, Heman, Calcol and Dara, all who, in a prior time, are indeed the sons of Zarah.  These four men are also called the sons of Mahol, which could be interpreted as the sons of dancing.  Not one of these four sons of Zarah, are listed in the genealogy of the tribe of Judah, and yet their wisdom and intelligence is known through out the land.  Perhaps their wisdom and genetically linked intelligence, would find its way, by the Grace of God, to Salomon. 

The Chronicler's brief written history of Judah's son Zarah, and his four wise sons, are troubling in our search for the truth.  Within God's hidden design in time, we are left to speculate on Scripture's chronology of time, of the lineage of 4 of the 5 sons of Zarah, and where some of their offspring might have lived, and traveled, even before Israel's Exodus from Egypt.  Later, we will see within the Eternal's same hidden covenant design, even as Solomon breaks covenant with God, and God continues His unbroken Covenant Garden Promise, through Bathsheba's second son, Nathan. 

Although Rahab identified her self with the fears of the Canaanite's of Jericho, with whom she and her family dwelt among, nevertheless, her heart was with the people of Israel.  Rahab, knowing of the Truth and power of Jehovah, protected the two spying children of Israel, even before she was guaranteed any protection.  Now therefore, I pray you, swear unto me by the Lord, since I have showed you kindness, that you will also show kindness unto my father's house, and give me a true token.  The token was the word of the two spies, who swore on their own lives: And the men answered her, Our life for yours, if you utter not this our business. And it shall be, when the Lord has given us the land, that we will deal kindly and truly with thee.  Rahab excepted their oath.  Then Rahab let them down by a cord through the window: for her house was upon the town wall, and she dwelt upon the wall.  This cord was not just any cord made of flaxen threads, but was of flaxen cord that was died scarlet.  The scarlet cord of Rahab would be indicative of the scarlet thread tied to the hand of Zarah, for Zarah would have been the first born of Judah.  (See Genesis 38 verse 28 thru 30.)

The scarlet die is expensive, because of the great pains it takes to harvest the scanty remains of the scarlet worm, which would have affixed its self on a tree and died giving birth to her young,  The offspring of the scarlet worm, fed off of the crimson blood that she secreted in her death, and all her children were dyed by that same scarlet blood, as was the place on the tree that she anchored herself to.  Being such a costly die, the scarlet die certainly would not have been necessary for the flaxen rope that let the two children of Israel down from the window.  But, what did that scarlet cord say to the two messengers?  We witness that after they descended down the scarlet cord, the two men again, confirm their oath to Rahab:  Behold, when we come into the land, thou shall bind this line of scarlet thread in the window, which thou didst let us down by.  And thou shall bring thy father, and thy mother, and thy brethren, and all thy father's household, home unto thee. (For the rest please see Joshua 2 verse 17 thru 21.) That scarlet cord would have been like an umbilical cord that enabled the spies to pass out of the window and into life's freedom.  Apparently, Rahab didn't wait until Israel entered the land, but as soon as the two spies left, she tied that scarlet umbilical cord in the window, even as a sign of her faith in the God of the Living.  The faith of Abraham was in her bosom, and she knew in her heart that the WORD of God would prevail with mercy unto life: For all those who call upon Him, and believing in His WORD and acting upon His WORD, shall be saved.

When God's storm was passing by, Rahab and her family stood fast within the house on the wall, and no one of her family venture out into the midst of the storm.  Rahab and her gathered family of father, mother and brothers, and sisters with their children, all had faith, as that of Rahab, for they all trusted in Jehovah God.  Their salvation was tied to the scarlet cord, and the word of God's two representatives.  The judgment of God brought down all the walls of Jericho, except where Rahab's house stood thereon.  And Joshua saved Rahab the harlot alive, and her father's household, and all that she had, and she dwelt in Israel even unto this day, because she hid the messengers, which Joshua sent to spy out Jericho. (See Joshua 6 verse 22 thru 25.)

Special note:  Even though Rahab is noted in Scripture to be a harlot, this does not indicate as a fact that she was a gentile of Canaanite blood, living in Jericho. Whether Rahab was a sinning harlot or not, was never Yahweh God's determining factor in the Salvation of mankind.  Yahweh's determining factor from the beginning of His creation of Man is based on the Woman's genetics and not her sinful nature.  Yahweh knew from the beginning of His creation that Man with his free will would sin.  Corrupting sin knows no bounds within the self serving flesh of the even the chosen Hebrew race, and that of the Gentile nations.  Adam sinned and brought death to mankind, and now in the perfection of Holy Yahweh God, then perfection must take the place so as to remove the imperfection of death in the rebellion of the first Adam. The first Adam was of the earth and brought death to earthly man, The last Adam was from the heavenly and was of God's LIFE giving Spirit and brought LIFE to all that would receive Him.

False assumptions are made by faulty philosophical theologians, and parroted in the pulpits. The Almighty, the all-knowing God of Eternity, chose from the foundation of the world a Body for His Word of Salvation.  Elohim would produce this genetically pure Body, from the genetically pure genealogy from the first Man/Adam. The God made genetics of Adam, the first Man, was secured in the female Ishshah, we know as Eve, and was not based on a person's sinless purity.  In the TRUTH of the Unfailing WORD of GOD, then Rahab had to be of the genetically pure Hebrew Race, in spite of her harlotry.

We are convinced that Rahab is genetically tied to that scarlet thread, having been physically born of the tribe of Judah, through the lineage of Judah's son, Zarah.  The genetics of Rahab, were of the genetics of Judah and Tamar, and not of the cursed angelic genetics of the breed of Canaanites.  Rahab married a fifth generation cousin, Salma, the son of Nasshon, a prince of Judah and of the lineage of Pharez. (See 1 Chronicles 2 verse 5, and 9 thru 12, and Matthew 1 verse3 thru 6, and Luke 3 verse 31 thru 33.) That scarlet thread, tied around the hand of Judah's son Zarah, is the same thread that is woven within the spiritual fabric of the soul that is born again of faith in Holy God's unfailing Salvation WORD that is Jesus, the Christ of God.  God's Gift of Faith, changes a man's heart from the carnal, to one that is born of the Perfect Love of God, and that Perfect Love can only come from the Perfection of the Infinitely Holy God through His Holy Spirit of Grace.  He alone holds creation within the Palm of His Hands.  For we; Being born again, not of corruptible seed, but of the incorruptible, by the WORD of God, Who lives and abides for ever. (See 1st Peter 1 verse 20 thru 25.)

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