The Genealogy of the Son of Man
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The Last Adam

Jesus the Word of God is the last Adam,
and the last True genetic Man.

We should understand with scripture that when Jesus the Christ of God was speaking of Himself as the Son of Man, that Jesus knew He was Word of God conceived by the Spirit of His Holy Father Yahweh God into the genetic bloodline of the first Man Adam.  Paul further testifies within the knowledge given by the Spirit of God that Jesus Christ is not only of God's creative order of the first Adam/Man, but Jesus is the very Last of God's order of the first Adam, and was distinctively conceived by the Spirit of God Almighty; for behold a virgin shall conceive and give birth to a Son and His Name shall be called Emmanuel. (Isaiah 7 verse 14.)

That your faith should not stand in the wisdom of men, but in the power of God. Howbeit we speak wisdom among them that are mature: yet not the wisdom of this world, nor of the princes of this world, that come to naught: But we speak the wisdom of God in a mystery, even the hidden wisdom, which God ordained before the world unto our glory: Which none of the princes of this world knew: For had they known it, they would not have crucified the Lord of Glory. (1st Corinthians 2 verse 5-8.)

And so it is written, The first Man Adam was made a living soul: But the last Adam was born a Life giving Spirit.  The first Man [Adam] is of the earth, earthly.  The second Man [Adam] is the Lord from heaven.  In Him there is Life, and that Life is the Light of men. (1st Corinthians 15 verse 44 thru 45.)

The Word of God became the Last True Man born in the genetic flesh of the first Adam, but the Lord of ever lasting Glory was conceived by the Spirit of His Father God, and God's Word became One with the promised seed of the Jewish virgin Mary. (See 1st Corinthians 2 verse 7 thru 9, and chapter 15 verse 45 thru 47.) The Lord from Heaven is the True Bread of God, whereby if anyone should come to Christ in Faith in the Word of God the Father, then they would be partakers of the Bread of Life that Jesus Christ would give for the Life of the World.  Now with the Gift of the Spirit of God they should not perish, but receive ever lasting Life in Christ Jesus.  (See John 6 verses.)

The first Man, Adam, was originally created from the dust of the earth into the image and likeness of God, and then God breathed Life into the form of Adam, and the first Man/Adam became a living soul.  But when Adam committed treason against his Creator, then the Life and the likeness of God ceased to be a part of Adam's being.  Adam's willful choice left him void of God's Spirit of Life and the right to a bodily renewal in the Tree of Life. (See Genesis 3 verse 22 thru 24.)  Adam was unrepentant at the time of his action, and his soul was left to choose his own corrupting way within his earthly body of flesh.  And so the first Man/Adam lived by his flesh, and in dying, returned to the dust of the earth, and so it is with his offspring.

With the seditious actions of the first Man Adam, then the same autonomous sin and essence of death was innately inherited within the full genetic structure, soul and mindset of all of man kind.  None of the following offspring of Adam were procreated in the image and likeness of God, but were all born in the likeness of Adam, after his image, as was Adam's son Seth. (See Genesis 5 verse 3.)  And so man kind's slavery to sin and death came by the first Man Adam, even though God had originally created Adam, male and female, in the image and likeness of the Creator.   The Eternal Holy God of all time, would preserve the genetics of the first Adam, for with His unfailing Word of Truth, He had ordained that by one Man of Adam's flesh by way of Ishshah/Woman, death would be crushed under His foot, and Life would return to man kind through the absolute righteous actions of that one Last Man/Adam of God, we know to be Jesus the Christ of God.

Forasmuch then as the children are partakers of flesh and blood, He [Jesus] also Himself likewise took part of the same; that through death He might destroy him [Satan] that had the power of death, that is, the devil:  And deliver them who through fear of death were all their lifetime subject to bondage.  For verily He [Jesus] took not on Him the nature of angels; but He took on Him the seed of Abraham. Wherefore in all things it behooved Him to be made like unto His brethren, that He might be a merciful and faithful High Priest in things pertaining to God, to make reconciliation for the sins of the people.  For in that He Himself had suffered being tempted, He is able to succor them that are tempted. (Hebrews 2 verse 14 thru 18.)   

Within God's eternal redemption plan for man kind, it was absolutely necessary, that the second order of Man would come into existence from the last genetic seed of Adam.  The first Adam, in the weakness of his flesh, chose to sin and broke covenant with the God of the living, thereby spawning death to all of his offspring.  But the second Adam, Jesus Christ, being born in the weakness of flesh, would overcome that weakness, by choosing to Love and Obey God absolutely, and thereby condemning rebellious sin in His flesh, and in His resurrection from the dead, giving birth of new Life to those who are born of His Living Faith. For what the law could not do, in that it was weak through the flesh, God sending His Own Son in the likeness of sinful flesh, and for sin, condemned sin in the flesh: (Romans 8 verse 3.) The flesh of man that dies and returns to the dust of the earth can not justify it self before the Holy God of Life.  The God of the living, reveals His justifying Grace in His resurrection of His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, whose dead body of flesh did not see corruption.  If the first Adam brought death in his insurrection, then the Last Adam by His Faith and Love of God His Father, gives Life to those souls of humanity who are new born of His Spirit into His Life of obedient Faith.

The very Last Adam was born in the genetic image of Adam, through the seed of WoMan, but Jesus was conceived in the very likeness of God His Father, and was the personification of His Father, through God's Eternal Spirit and Word of Truth. (See John 14 verse 6.)  Jesus the Christ of God, was the only begotten Seed of His Holy Father, and as the unfailing Eternal Word of God, was God, born in the flesh of Man.  The incarnate Word of God states with absolute certainty:  The prince of this world comes, but has nothing in Me. (John 14 verse 30.) It is impossible for there to be a hybridization of the Word of God made the flesh of Adam.  The accuser is left empty of all accusation.  Satan could find nothing of his own nature of sin within Jesus, nor was his satanic corruption to be found within the genetics of Christ, the incarnate Son of Man conceived by His Father God Almighty.  For the Holy One of God was born the True incarnate Son of the first Adam, and not of Satan's angelic hybridization of human kind. (See again the Women in Christ's Genealogy.) The ignorance of the natural man leads to false suppositions that contradicts the Word of God that is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.  Be careful with the makings of your own foundation, for the religious elite of Christ's day and hour, accused Jesus of having an unclean spirit.

Jesus, the Foundation of Life, declares: He that has seen Me has seen the Father. (Scripts from Gospel of John.) The first Man Adam was made a living soul; but the last Adam, Jesus Christ, became a Life giving Spirit.  Jesus, the Living Bread of Heaven, came down to earth to become the Son of Man/Adam, but as the Word of God, He was conceived in the likeness of His Father, and was born to fulfill the Will of His Holy Father God.  The Will of God was and is the Salvation of  corrupted man kind.  God's Word and only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ, was the Last genetic offspring of Adam, and so the Last Son of Man was crucified to a cross, and died for the sins of the world of earthly man kind. 

Because of the first Man/Adam's treasonous sin against the God of the living, earthly man kind is born into death, but Jesus Christ, the last of Adam's kind is born of the Spirit of Life within His Father God.  The Spirit of Life within Jesus the Man, enabled Him to live according to the Will of His Father and to become a sin and peace offering to God with His sinless Life as Man, and man kind's Redeemer. (For a better understanding see Chagigah.) Jesus, the Christ of God having been born in the flesh of Adam, as God's Promised One in the Garden of Eden, was raised from the dead by the Holy Spirit of His Father God.  Now Jesus, the Man of Adam's flesh, having conquered sin and raised from the dead, is the Firstfruits of His Father, the God of the living.  So it is to be for those who are born of God's gift of Life in the Lord our Righteousness, that they would live in the likeness of Christ Jesus through the One Holy Spirit of God Almighty.

In the perfection of His Love and absolute trust and obedience to His Father God, Jesus, the Salvation of the World, arose from the dead, within the fullness of His Body and Soul in eternal union with the Infinite Spirit of His Father God. (See Acts 13 verse 28 thru 41, and Psalm 2.) The Christ of God over came the self serving flesh of the first Adam that corrupts in death, and because of Jesus' obedient Love for His Father, even unto death, Jesus, the Last genetic Adam, arose bodily in the power of an endless life, to be the firstborn of God's new order of Man, begotten in the image and likeness of His Father God. (See 1st John 3 verse 2.) All of mankind must be born again of Yahweh God's Holy Spirit to become a child of God, and enter the Kingdom of the Sovereign Lord of all!  (See John 3 verse 3 thru 6.)

Before the foundation of the world, Holy God Almighty foresaw and understood all things of His creation for He would create all things to be for the good of all.  Freedom of choice was given to all of His free thinking creatures so that they had the distinct ability to choose the good for the good of all, verses the evil that would set the individual apart from the whole.  So it was with the angelic beings, the Sons of God, before lust was conceived within the mind of the Lucifer.  The Word of the Lord said of Lucifer, the king of Tyrus: You were the measure, full of wisdom and perfect in beauty.  You were perfect in thy ways from the day that you were created, until iniquity was found in thee.  From the multitude of your possessions, they have filled the midst of thee with violence, and you have sinned. (See Ezekiel 28 verse 12 thru 17.)

Lucifer's corruption and that of the angelic beings that followed in Lucifer's insurrection, would also bring about the corruption of God's creation of Man/Adam in the Garden of Eden.  But Elohim in His hidden Wisdom, and in His understanding all things, had before the foundation of the world, ordained that His anointed Word would be crucified on the cross as a genetic Man of the first Adam, for the redemption of corrupted man kind.

In His foreknowledge, the Wisdom of Yahweh God had foreordained that the genetic seed of the WoMan, would be conceived by the Spirit of His Holiness and would be born the incarnate Son of Man/Adam.  From before the World began, Emanuel, was going to crush the head of the prince of the air, and take away Satan's power of corruption and death over mankind.  The great mystery is not clarified in scripture, but was hidden, to dumbfound the wisdom of the wise, whether the fallen creature be angelic or that of mankind.

We can read in Scripture that the genealogies of the sons of the fathers are carried forward, but the same Scripture's bare witness of only a few women of note, and their genealogies are not clearly defined.  We need to understand absolutely that the 4 Women mentioned as being part of the Davidic lineage are genetically pure with no crossbreeding with the corrupted genetics of hybridized man. 

The absolute a priori of Scripture is: God's Word never fails.  But failure runs rampant in the interpretations of Scripture by corrupted flesh.  The Word of Elohim declares absolutely in the Garden of Eden that the Seed of WoMan from Adam's genetics will be victorious over the seed of Satan.  The Word of God does not allow for a hybridization of His Truth.  All of humanity, from the time of the Last Adam, Jesus Christ, are hybridized in their genetics, Jew and Gentile alike: (See again The Corruption of the Human Genome.) But the Word of God shall stand forever.  God's Word of germinating Seed brought forth God's Salvation Man from the genetics of the first Man Adam, through the Seed of  WoMan, to become God's Salvation in the flesh and for the redemption of believing mankind. 

In God's ordered plan of redemption, the true genetic seed of Adam would be carried through the genealogies, of both the Hebrew men and their Hebrew women counterparts.  The Hebrew men carried within their testis' the pure genetics of the first Adam, and all of the Hebrew women carried within their ovaries the genetic seed of WoMan, the named wife of the first Man Adam.  The men in their joint union with the women, most of them unnamed, would continue the genetic line of the first Man Adam.  This genetic purity would end with Mary, the espoused wife of Joseph, being the last Woman of Adam's kind.  For this to happen, it should be understood that both of Mary's parents were genetically pure, in their lineage going all the way back to Adam. (See Luke 3 verse 23 thru 38.)

With Mary's permission, the Holy Spirit of the Word of God the Father, encompassed the virgin woman Mary with His Shekinah Glory, and the Glorious Light of God's Word impregnated the promised ovum seed of the last genetically pure Hebrew Woman.  Mary is the last child bearing WoMan of the genetics of Adam, and would be the bearer of the incarnate Last Adam, Jesus Christ.  Jesus Christ, by the Spirit of His Father God, would be born of the true genetic flesh of the first Adam, through the genetic seed of the WoMan, and as the Word of His Father, Jesus (Yeshuah) is the only begotten Son of God. 

From the beginning, God would see that His original order of Man, of both the males and females, would remain genetically true to the first Adam.  Only the names of the four women are specifically mentioned in the scriptures as being in the lineage of David, and the bearer of the genetic seed of God's future Messiah, the Son of Man (Adam).  The true genealogy of all of these four women was not made clear in scripture, but was camouflaged in what is not said, and left to speculation.  But we speak the wisdom of God in a mystery, even the hidden wisdom, which God ordained before the world unto our glory: (1st Corinthians 2 verse 7.) We have concluded in the previous chapters that the four women are genetically true to the first Adam of God's creation.

Remember this as a fact: God is Truth and His Word is Truth, and in His time, He would bring forth His Word of Salvation through the true genetic seed of the WoMan taken from the first Man, Adam, who was made in the image and likeness of Elohim, his Creator.  There were absolutely no abnormalities or recessive gene traits in the DNA of Adam and his Woman, Eve.  God would  watch over His Word and see that the Promised Seed of the WoMan would remain genetically pure with the genetic sons and daughters of Adam, until the Word of God would come down from above, and would be begotten of the Father, as the Son of Man from the seed of a generational virgin daughter of the first Man Adam. 

Obviously, the first Adam had the original DNA pattern of Man.  But what is not so obvious is that the last Adam, Jesus Christ, would have that same original DNA pattern as God would indeed preserve that original genetic pattern all the way to the seed of the virgin Mary.  God would maintain the original genetic line through the first Woman of the first Adam through Seth and his wife, to Noah and his wife, thru Shem and his wife, carried forth in nine generations to Abraham and his wife Sarah, to Isaac and his wife Rebecca, to Jacob and his wife's Leah and Rachel to Judah and his daughter in-law Tamar, and their sons Pharez and Zarah, to Rehab the wife of Salmon, to Boaz and his wife Ruth, who bore Obed the father of Jesse, the father of David, who with his wife Bathsheba, begot their son Nathan, whose genetic lineage of Adam will be carried through to the parents of the Virgin Mary, and end with her.   The Virgin Mary, of the house of David, would produce God's promised Seed of a Woman that would be impregnated by the Spirit of the Word of God, to be born as God's incarnate Son, Jesus Christ, the Son of Man/Adam, and the very Last of Adam's true genetics, and the First Fruits of God. 

The true genetic lineage of Adam would come to an end with the very last Adam, Who would be born of the pure physical genetics of the first Man, but begotten by His Father God.  In that regards Mary would be the last genetic Eve, for she was the last Woman who would be able to bare the Messianic seed, even as that Messianic seed would be of King David's lineage.  The Davidic lineage, and the right to the throne of David, was though David's son Nathan, and a genetic lineage that would end with the virgin Mary, the daughter of Eli (Heli), giving birth to Jesus, the Son of Man and the Christ of God.

Jesus Christ is the very last order of the genetic Man/Adam, even as God in the Garden of Eden had created Man, male and female in the image of God created He them.  With God as His Father, Jesus, the Son of Man/Adam, would die a death for all of the sin's of the world that have brought the corruption of death, and a separation from the God of the living.  Now with His glorious resurrection in union with the power of His Father's Eternal Spirit, Jesus Christ the only begotten Son of God, as the son of Man, becomes the Life giving Spirit of His Father.  All that come to a living faith in Yahweh God through Christ Jesus, the last True son of Adam, the Lord Jesus will raise them up with the Spirit of Life that is in Him and is one with His Father Yahweh God the Almighty.  For it pleased the Lord to bruise Him: He has put Him to grief:  When thou shall make His Soul an offering for sin, He shall see His seed:  Who for the joy that was set before Him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God (See Isaiah 53 verse 10, and Hebrews 12 verse 2.)

It is an imperative decree by God Almighty that the soul of man must be born again from above by the Spirit of God that was in His Son and is glorified in the Man Christ Jesus.  The first Adam was formed out of the earth, and was made a living soul, but in his rebellion against God, his body perished back into the dust from which he was formed.  In that we are all like unbelieving Adam that gave birth to our nature of sin, we all will die and corrupt back into the  elements from which we are made of.  But the Last Adam was from His Father above, and is begotten in the image of the invisible God, (See Colossians 1 verse 15, and John 14 verse 9.) and as the incarnate Son of Man, Jesus presented himself to Yahweh God, as a perfect sacrifice for the damnable sins that corrupt humankind.  Jesus Christ's Sacrifice was of infinite satisfaction to God Almighty, because it was given from a Son's Perfect Love and obedience that spoke of His absolute faith in the Word of His Father God.  And the Spirit of God raised Jesus Christ bodily from the dead, and in His resurrection from mankind's sin and death, Jesus lives in eternity with His Father, and with those souls that are born brand new by the Faith that is in Christ, they likewise will live by Him. 

In the beginning, the God of the living indeed created man (Adam) to be in His image and likeness, but the will of sin, after those beginnings, has deceived man and corrupted their being with the soul within him, and also the life potential of the very souls of his children.  Now, it is the sting of sin that has formed all of mankind from the loins of Adam, into a corrupted, dying nature, which despises the Truth and Righteousness of God, thereby rejecting God's Love.  It is neither God's will nor His Word, which has made us sinners, awaiting deaths' corruption, but from the beginning, sin itself brought corruption to the body and soul of the first Adam, and that of Adam's offspring.  From the beginning, God has given mankind the right to choose, and will allow the choices and consequences to take place, whether for good or for evil.  In the end of human judgment, no one is justified in his or her proclamation that God, the Creator of life, has specifically made them genetically so.  God created Adam alone in His image and likeness.  After Adam's treasonous action, he was no longer in the image and likeness of God, but was in the image of his own flesh, and all of mankind would be born in the image of Adam's flesh, with the eventual further corruption of the genetics of Man, until the very Last Adam.

The causative effect of the seeding of sin's corruption in the flesh of Man, is such, that from the one perfect seedling of Adam, male and female compatibility, we now have a genetic Tree of Man with various ethnic branches that have been totally corrupted with violence perpetrated on God, and on His creation.  Satan, continues the violence against God and mankind, leading to ethnic wars, diseases, anomalies, and minds that have been made subject to the narcissistic thoughts of the controlling author of sin and death.  After the first coming of Jesus Christ, the Last Adam born in the Image of His Father, the evidence of the Mitochondrial DNA of women, reveals that there are no longer any pure genetic nationalities, so that even Abraham's original Y chromosome of Hebrew male genetics has undergone corruption and assimilated within other nationalities, obscuring the original genetic order of Adam. 

With faith in Christ Jesus there is neither Jew nor Gentile, but the new creation after the order of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, and the last Son of Adam/Man. (See 1st Corinthians 12 verse 13 thru 14.)  Presently, the Jew's don't understand their own scriptures and are waiting in vain for the Davidic Messiah to come for the first time, which is a genetic impossibility.  The purer genetics of the first Adam ended in Christ Jesus, Yeshua haMashiach, Who was conceived by His Father God from the virgin seed of a generational virginal daughter of Abraham and Sarah. 

Nevertheless, the God of Covenant has not forgotten any portion of His promise to the children of Israel's natural seed, although the physical seed became corrupted in time by the spiritual ignorance of sin's dominion in the flesh of mankind.  The fullness of God's Word will come to pass, as always in His time.  The last sentences in Joel prophesies of that time: For Judah shall dwell for ever, and Jerusalem from generation to generation: For I will cleanse their blood that I have not cleansed, for the Lord dwells in Zion. (Joel 3 verse 20 thru 21.) Speaking of the blood, the genetics of Israel became corrupted in the seed of the children of Ham, for Judah with Israel also mingled their genetic seed with the hybrid tribes (nations) of the earth. (See again The Tower of Babel.) After the great tribulation, God will regenerate the soul and genetics of the Jews through the quickening Spirit of the last Adam, Jesus/Yeshua, born of the Word, and the very Seed of His Father Yahweh the Almighty.

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