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Fact or fiction; You are what you eat ?

All of the Word of God is Realistically Practical to His Creation, and is Written for the Proper Order of Man.
 God's Dietary Laws are Sound,  and are not Theological Ritual.

The Word 'Ritual' is not in Scripture, but is contrived theology, do to the ignorance of finite men of religious philosophy.


The Dietary Laws of Almighty God are founded on the Wisdom of the Eternal God, and are not finite man's Ritualistic Gibberish.     

The present Coronavirus, designated as Covid 19, has become an epidemic scourge that frightens a world of increasing sorrows.  In His Eternal Wisdom, the only Almighty God of creation,  gave His dietary instructions to Moses, so as to protect His chosen people from their ignorance of their body's incredible complexities.  God would maintain the pure genetics of the Hebrew race that was derived from God's creation of the first Man, we know as Adam, and of Man's wife Eve, who was originally named Ishshah.  Before the rebellion of Adam/Man, male and female, the Creator took a female X chromosome from the genetic flesh of His good creation of  Man, X and Y chromosomes, and then God created Woman, bringing Ishshah to Man/Adam with two unblemished female X chromosomes. Adam's willful choice would cause him to rebel against the Word of Elohim God, and God's Holy Spirit of Life would leave Man to his own choices.  Interestingly, today's genetic science reveals that even man's male X chromosome is corrupted, falling short of God's original design in Adam. (See Corruption of the Human Genome.)

In the Garden of Eden, Elohim God had Promised by His Word that His Promised Messiah would come in the genetic flesh of Woman/Ishshah, and be born as the Son of Man/Adam, and in time the Christ of God would crush the head of wickedness that brought death to mankind. (See Genesis 3:15.) Holy God's Word is Holy, and for Holy God Almighty to remain absolutely Just and the Judge of His creation, then He must absolutely fulfill the TRUTH of His Holy Salvation in His Holy, Holy, Holy WORD.  Almighty Yahweh God, in His overseeing knowledge of His creation of time, would maintain the female genome of Ishshah, whom Adam renamed Eve, until the appropriate time when He would bring forth His only Begotten Salvation WORD of TRUTH. ( See first The Further Seduction of Man.)  Then (Understanding the women in Christ's Genealogy. and then stand firmly on the Rock of the Last Adam. ) In the Almighty's creation of free flowing time and before the foundation of the world was set in time, the Messiah was predestined to be conceived by the WORD of Almighty God into the pure human genetics of Adam's wife Ishshah with her female X X chromosomes.  

To further our clarity of the Good News of God's Salvation Gift, then read in the Scriptures of the Angel Gabriel appearing unto the virgin Mary and saying to her: The Holy Spirit of the Most High shall come over you and His [Shekinah] Glory shall overshadow you, therefore the Holy One Who shall be born unto you, will be called the Son of God. (See Luke 1:30-35.) As planned before the world came into existence, the WORD of God would be conceived in the ovum of the Hebrew virgin Mary, and the TRUTH of God would be born in the likeness of the first Adam.  Having been conceived by His Father God, the TRUTH of the WORD of God was Incarnately born as Man, the Son of Adam/Man, and this Child was Divinely Named Yeshua/Jesus and was the Only Begotten Son of Yahweh Father God Almighty. 

Now, in the history of time, we should understand that the Eternally Holy God gave dietary Instructions to the Hebrew Race to protect the physical genetics of the Hebrew Race, through which God's Promised Messiah would come To Be.  This Good and Holy Wisdom of the Almighty God of creation is excellent in His Divine purpose of bringing His Salvation TRUTH to fallen mankind.  When Yahweh God's dietary Instructions were followed in completeness, they would prevent disease and genetic discrepancies from taking place in the genetics within the physical bodies of the tribes of God's chosen Hebrews, and thus to Holy God's Promised Messiah in the flesh of Man/Adam. (See Genesis 3 verse 15.) 

The wise of today, who trust in the Word of God, would do well to look to the Wisdom in the dietary instructions that were given by the Eternal Creator of the universe.  Consider Paul's encouragement to the Philippians: And this I pray that your love may abound yet more and more in knowledge and in all judgment:  That you may approve things that are excellent, being sincere and without offence until the day of Christ. (See Philippians 1 verse 9 thru 11.)  However, the liberality that abides in the churches of today, have voided that which is excellent in the knowledge that Eternally abides in the WORD of God.

The reader can review YHVH God's dietary instructions in this biblical link. (See Deuteronomy 14 verse 2 thru 21.)  The beginning Instruction of the Creator's protective Covenant Word declares to His chosen Hebrew tribes: You shall not eat of any abominable thing.  There are those in Christianity that maintain that the word 'abominable' has a ritual meaning, but in fact, the flesh of the forbidden animals were deemed by the WORD of God to be corrupt and definitely were not fit for consumption by any of the tribes of the Hebrew nation.  If from the beginning of His creation, God's Wisdom in His WORD is constant then His universe is held together with the power of His WORD of Wisdom.  If the Almighty God created all things through the Wisdom and dynamics of His Word, then ostensibly the named beast in the Word of God remain insidious poisons to the genetic flesh of the Hebrews, but also to all of mankind.  Consider the following short list of some of the beast that are revealed by the Creator, for they are abominable creatures that when eaten as food, can change the genetics of man-kind for the worse:

The swine (pig), bats, camel, rabbits, eagles, vultures, ravens, owls, hawks, swans, etc., along with every creeping thing that flies, and certain water creatures that do not have fins and scales. (See Deuteronomy 14 verse 7 thru 19.)

Many years ago, I asked the Lord why certain animals were declared to be unclean for human consumption.  I heard, shall we say within the spirit of my mind the Spirit of the Lord Say: Why not have a little cyanide?  Why not have a little arsenic? Why not have a little pork?  Cyanide and arsenic are insidious poisons that in strength can kill immediately, but if taken little by little they will corrupt the workings in the body, and in the end, the accumulated work of the poisons will kill you.  Why not have a little pork?  Pigs are in the same category as bats and rats.  For those that are deceived with some scripture interpretations; then know that all of the above abominable creatures and then some, are deemed by the Word of God to be unfit for human consumption.  None of the above creatures, are not to be confused with the clean animals that God has set apart (sanctified) for food for human consumption. (See the Scriptures in Deuteronomy 14:4-5.)  On appearances, there are certain people of ethnic origin that consume a lot of porcine products as well as other unclean animals, which may make these racial cultures very susceptible to destructive viruses plaguing the human genome.  

HERESY abounds in Unbelief !

The Eternally Wise Creator of the universe, is the Creator of Life, and not death; for His WORD of TRUTH abounds only to Life.

We will pause here while you, the reader, considers all of the enclosed writings within this box. The writings should  reveal that several places in the New Covenant Scriptures are misconstrued, and the untruths gives license to one's ignorance of their own physical body.  The nature of any man born of flesh is to make their own rules, allowing mankind to rebel against the Wisdom of God, and thereby their ignorance allows them to consume animals that the Wisdom of God says are not fit for their consumption.

  • In the King James Version (KJV) of the Bible, there are several Scriptures depicted in the New Covenant that are erroneously translated.  Any and all errors in the translation or human insertions in the text of Holy Scripture, can breed additional confusion in the mind that is fixated on the wants and lustful desires of the self centered person.  In the New Covenant, we see in 1st Timothy 4:4-6 that the KJV unfortunately uses the word 'eat',  which is certainly a gross misinterpretation of the Greek work (bromo) which has the true meaning of 'food'.  Also the  word 'creature' is erroneously inserted in the KJV as the interpretation for (ktisma) which has the true meaning of 'created thing'.  The Strong's Concordance for the King James Version of the Bible is used for the interpretations of the Greek and Hebrew words of Scripture.

Now the Spirit Speaks Expressly that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils. [Thereby, they, the departed from the faith] Speaking lies in hypocrisy have their conscience seared with a hot iron.  Forbidding to marry, and commanding to abstain from (meats) [bromo=foods], which God has created to be received with thanksgiving, of them which believe and know the TRUTH.  For every (creature) [ktisma=created thing] of God is good and nothing is to be refused if it [the created thing for food] is received with thanksgiving, for it [the created thing for food] is sanctified by the Word of God and (with) prayer.

The Word of God, in Deuteronomy, is also specific in the use of  the word  sanctified , for the word  sanctified  means  to set apart .   So then God  set apart  certain animals that could be consumed as suitable foods first for the Hebrew Nation, and also for the hearing Gentile nations.

The New Revised Standard Version and the New International Version are among some of the Bible Versions that confirm the above revisionist thoughts to the confusion that is in the King James Version of the Bible.  On this apologetic matter please see the 2 listed versions in 1st Timothy 4:1-5.

  • The same confusion pertaining to unclean food is perpetuated in the Tenth Chapter of the Book of Acts.  Here we see that the Gentile Centurion, Cornelius, after praying much to God, receives a vision of an angel, who tells Cornelius to send his men to the city of Joppa and find Simon Peter at the home of Simon the tanner.  The next day in the morning there were 3 men that started their journey, and it was about the noon hour when the 3 men were approaching the city of Joppa, where Peter was praying on the roof top of the home of Simon the tanner.  After the prayer, Peter became hungry, and at that time he entered into a trance, revealing a vessel that contained 4 footed animals, wild beasts and various creatures that were deemed to be unsuitable for food.  The Voice said to Peter:  Arise Peter: Kill and eat.   Peter seeing the contents of the vessel, declares in the trance:   "Not so Lord, for I have never eaten anything that is common or unclean."   Now we should note that, 3 times the Voice said: What God has cleansed call not uncommon. Remember the word  Arise  and that the Voice also affirmed His WORD 3 times: even though Peter was confused as to the meaning of the vision. [For] While Peter was contemplating the meaning of the vision, The Spirit of God spoke unto him: [and would clarify the meaning of the vision] Behold '3' Men seek thee. 'Arise' therefore, and get thee down [from the roof], and go with them, doubting nothing, for I have sent them. (See Acts 10: 9-19.) Confusion ended for Peter, for he understood and obeyed the Word of the Lord, however confusion has not ended for the church embroiled in confusion.

The Voice in Peter's vision is not declaring that the uncommon animals and creeping things are now acceptable for food.  No!  But IN the TRUTH,  Peter is to go and receive, as belonging to the Lord, the devout Centurion Cornelius, who represents the devout seeking Gentiles.  What God has cleansed call not uncommon: For those of whom God has cleansed by their Faith in the Word of God, like Cornelius, are no longer to be considered as common or unclean, but redeemed by the Lord Jesus Christ from sin and death.  After hearing the testimony of Cornelius, Peter confirms the only true meaning of the vision as witnessed in Act 10.   34 So Peter opened his mouth and said: “Truly I understand that God shows no partiality, 35 but in every nation anyone who fears Him and does what is right is acceptable to Him." (Acts 10: 34-35.)

Peter will further confirm his understanding with the Words of Jesus Christ that He Spoke to His apostles after His Resurrection. And He [Jesus] Said unto them: "These are the Words which I Spoke unto you while I was with you, for all things must be fulfilled which were written in the Law of Moses, and in the prophets, and in the Psalms, concerning Me." Then Christ would further open His apostle's understanding: "Thus it is written, and thus it behooved Christ to suffer and rise from the dead the third day, and that repentance and remission of sins should be preached in His Name among all nations, beginning in Jerusalem. You (speaking to the apostles) are witnesses of these things."  The reader can compare Peter, the apostle's renewed understanding as he recalls the WORD of TRUTH that is Jesus Christ.  Click the following to secure Scripture clarity in Luke and Acts.

  • When the Lord Jesus Christ encountered the demoniac of Gadara, the demons that possessed the man, beseeched the Lord to release them into a nearby herd of swine, rather than to send them into the abyss.  The Lord gave His specific Word and acquiesced to the demons plea: Then the devils went out of the man and entered the many swine, and the full herd of swine ran violently down a steep hill into a lake and drowned. (See Luke 8:27,30-33.) The Lord of creation, had no problem in the destruction of the swine, nor of the lively hood of the pig keepers.  Since the devils needed to occupy a living body, and the Word of the Lord was specific to the pigs, then it would appear that without an allowed body to occupy, the demons indeed exited through the Water of the Word of God into the abyss.  Two problems of wickedness slayed with One Sure Stone.

  • Finally, we can close this heretical matter on the abominable animals that are used for foods that are not fit for human consumption.  Please take note that there are a large number of Biblical translations where the translators, in conformity with doctrinal opinions of others, will erroneously insert the heretical opinion that absolutely detracts from the Eternal God's WORD of TRUTH.  For an example, in the  New International Version (NIV), of the Gospel according to Mark, let us witness the Words of Jesus Christ After He had left the crowd and entered the house, (there) His disciples asked Him about this parable. “Are you so dull?” He asked. “Don’t you see that nothing that enters a person from the outside can defile them?  For it doesn’t go into their heart but into their stomach, and then out of the body.” (In saying this, Jesus declared all foods clean.)  The last words, set in parentheses, are bogus and are a heretical insertion in Scripture that suits the avarice mind in the natural body of man.  (Mark 7:17-19.) Beware: The Eternal Salvation WORD of God never did sanctify the unclean animals, such as pigs, rats and bats to be as foods for mankind's consumption.


It is impossible for finite man to abrogate the Eternal Wisdom of the Unchangeable Holy Creator God of the universe.  However, it is possible for the satanic lie of deception, to be fostered in the ignorant mind of self centered man, especially if it satisfies their self cultivated desires.  The rebellious mind of man, can seek to establish their own religious doctrine by constantly appealing to the darkened minds of their spoon fed followers.  If a lie is repeated often enough. then the heresy takes root in the mind of a person, perpetuating the false appearance of truth. The false appearance of the finite wisdom of dying mankind, can make the Eternal Wisdom of the Living TRUTH of God to be of non affect. 

Satan, the ultimate deceiver, has set in motion his dark wisdom to infiltrate the minds of fools, and fools will perpetuate Satan's controlling falsehood by continually repeating Satan's deceptive lie.  Satan's lie dismisses the Eternal's Infallible WORD of TRUTH, by changing the Almighty's Truth into a spoon fed lie that feeds the sitting listeners, who foolishly consume the poison pabulum.  After all, the indoctrinated, but esteemed pastor holds the spoon.

The truly wise will trust in the Eternal God and the Living Foundation of His Word, for in God's TRUTH, they will find in Psalm 91 that verse 5 and 6 addresses the destructive pestilences of yesterday and today.  It is written: Thou shall not be afraid of the pestilence that walks in darkness.  The pestilence that walks in darkness has infected unbelieving men and women of the day.  In the darkness of their cultivated wisdom, they see the Word of God essentially as trash, and walk in the darkness of their prideful ignorance.

The newly discovered Epigenome was initially seen as trash, but it has recently been discovered that the Epigenome is an 'on' and 'off'' switch intertwined about the DNA and controls the body's DNA (genetics). See the Epigenome, the controller of DNA  The Eco Health Alliance (ECH) has not quite caught up with the controlling possibilities of the Epigenome, but has come to understand that the eating of illicit animals can allow for the breeding of viral corruptions in the human body.  According to the EHC there is the possibilities that even a generalized contact with such creatures, can also make the body of a person susceptible to certain diseases and anomalies that can shorten the quality of earthly life.   See the Wikipedia on Zoonosis.

But who will believe the report?

Not the fool, for in his own darkened wisdom, he says there is no Creator God. Even those who say they believe in God, have confused the Eternal's Wisdom with their own convoluted truth, and in reality are like fools that do not believe the TRUTH in the WORD of God.  They stand on sifting sand, believing that our homebred science will overcome man's problems. Man's conceived science can not overcome sin and death, but if the scientist acquiesces to the foundational Word of God, then the scientist may be enlightened and come to believe in the revealed TRUTH of the Eternal Creator Yahweh God Almighty.  Those who think themselves to be wise in this present world, have chosen their own course, and their corrupted wisdom will only lead to destruction.  The perverted wisdom of the earthly wise has blinded them, as well as all of the glassy eyed fools that have vainly been swallowed up in the perversion of sin.  Their darkened eyes cannot see the Light of the TRUTH and thereby acknowledge the Almighty God of creation.  Even so, the Eternally Holy LORD God of Creation, loved His creation of Man, and in His Mercy, He would send His Promised WORD of Salvation to the earth to save mankind from the blindness of sin and the darkness of death.  All of mankind are dead because of sin, and without being in Christ Jesus, the Living WORD of God, then the dead will remain dead.

Here in is the TRUTH that is the Good News of God

But Eternal Life is IN Christ Jesus the Man, for He is God's Living WORD of Salvation, born in the flesh of Adam.  The first Adam, in his self centered wisdom, chose to rebel against His Maker and brought death to himself and to his prodigy: But the last Adam, the Incarnate Jesus Christ, the Son of God chose obedience to the Word of His beloved Father God, even unto His physical death at the hands of His creation of man.  However, in His Resurrection, Jesus/Yeshua became a Life Giving Spirit to His disciples who follow Him.  We should understand that In order for Yahweh God to remain the Sovereign Lord of His creation, then His WORD must come as The TRUTH in the form of Man, and then the Man of Salvation would reveal the Perfect WORD of His Father Yahweh God Almighty.  God is the Standard of Justice: So from the Beginning and through out time, the Almighty would protect His WORD of TRUTH, for His WORD had to be born in the original genetic flesh of God's creation of the first Adam/Man.  In the end, God's Justice by The WAY of His WORD would legitimately save believing man kind from sin that only breeds death.  The first Adam sinned bringing death to man, but Jesus/Yeshua/Salvation, the Last Adam was given as a Sacrificial Gift by His Father God to be a Ransom for rebellious man's sin and death, for in His Resurrection, Jesus the Man, became God's Life giving Spirit for the believer among mankind.

The Perfection of God's Word of TRUTH is the Man Jesus Christ.  The Love of Yahweh God IN His Only Begotten Son, Yeshua/Jesus is the reason we have include God's Dietary Instructions that were written down in Scripture for the protection of the physical bodies of the original Hebrew race.  The Word of God is Perfect, and the Body of Christ must be in the Order of the first Man, Adam.  The dietary instructions, when followed, would prevent disease and genetic anomalies from taking place in the genetics of the physical bodies of the Hebrew.  To be the perfect Messianic Man/Adam of God's Salvation, then the Word of God must be born of the pure unadulterated genetics of God's creation of the first Man and Woman.

The Lamb of God slain before the foundation of the world, cried out form the cross "It is finished", and now The TRUTH of God's WORD  is manifested IN God's New Covenant secured in the LIFE giving Blood of the crucified TRUTH of the Incarnate WORD of GOD.  For in God's Mercy, the TRUTH of His WORD, Jesus Christ died on the cross for the sin of mankind, and in the perfection of God's TRUTH, Christ was resurrected from the grave as the New LIFE of mankind.  The first Adam/Man sinned and brought death to mankind, but the Last Adam/Man lived the TRUTH of His Eternal Father, and in the Messiah's death and resurrection, Jesus Christ brought Life to the believing of mankind,  for Jesus/Yeshua is the only WAY to the Eternal Holy God of the Living.

The nature of corrupting sin has chained all of mankind to death, and cannot be irradiated in man-kind through the keeping of the Dietary Instructions or any of the preventative Laws given through the Grace of God.  Man cannot save himself from the corruption of sin that brings death. The only answer to the Law of Sin and Death that infected all of mankind through Adam's free choice to rebel against the God of the Living; is now your free choice to choose the TRUTH, Who is the perfect genetic Son of Adam, the innocent Man Christ Jesus, for He was crucified to death for mankind's sin, but in the Perfection of His Love and Obedience to His Father God, Yeshua/Jesus was resurrected in the Life of His Holy Father. You shall know the TRUTH, and the TRUTH shall set you free. Therefore, if the Son shall sets you free, you shall be free indeed.  Although one is already dead because of sin, they that believe IN Jesus Christ shall never see the death that sin breeds.


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