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Permission is granted, by the author Robert Glenn Pratten, to copy the web manuscripts or individual web pages contained within the free website "", and if so desired, to distribute the writings under the following circumstances:

1.      The manuscripts contained within this web site are not to be sold, for any reason, or for any price, including the price of copying; they must be given as a gift entirely free of charge or donation.

2.   If the contents of the documents are printed then this copyright should be included.

3.     The entire contents of the web site visible or not visible should not be altered. But if the reader sees needful alterations in text, font, layout, graphics, and spelling, even within the contextual thoughts that come to your mind, then I would most appreciate hearing of your thoughts and helpful corrections. If they are noteworthy, then together we will address the problem areas to be clarified as one thought.

Although permission is given by the author to copy and/or distribute the manuscripts, no other rights of any sort are given. All other rights remain with the author.  The graphics contained in the website are subject to the copyrights of either NASA or the author, depending on the origin of authorship.

Anyone who, without the expressed written consent of the author, copies or distributes the contents of this website in a manner other than that specified in this document, is in violation of copyright laws, but more importantly would be subject to the full extent of Godís law of sowing and reaping.

Finally, the web site from its beginning was designed to Glorify the WORD of GOD IN Christ Jesus.  If the contents of this web site, would bless and enriches your faith, then please recommend the web documents to churches, pastors, teachers, evangelist, and to whomsoever loves the Lord and the Truth, and yes the unbelieving agnostic.