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The Beginnings of the Mystery of Iniquity
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Bridges of Life

Rudimentary Introduction.   
The Bridge of Life
* Poem. Audio 


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Black hole vortex of Sin and Death.
What happened in the Beginning of Time.
*Creation of Man.
  Male and Female. The First Man is named Adam:
          The Creation of the first Woman, who was first named Ishshah and not Eve.
          The Mystery of Iniquity, with Man's seduction and enslavement by the entity of sin and death. 
Chips off the old block.  Like Father like Son.
The Mind of Man.  Following the one Root of the Tree of Knowledge
        of Good and Evil.

Abiding within the Tree of Life: And the Cutting Edge of God's Sword.


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Sin under the Light Microscope.
           A Medical Metaphor for Sin: The Ultimate Spiritual Virus of Death.
A History of Quarantine.
         The purpose of the Law was to quarantine sin's corruption, until Messiah
         came in the flesh of Adam.

Physician Heal Thyself.
The Human Genome.
  A primer on DNA and the genetics of mankind.
*Abortion, the Murder of the Innocent.
Epigenenome  The convoluted conductor that orchestrates the DNA molecule of our humanity.
The First Adam. God does not change, for the precision of God's Word holds
          this universe together.

Seduction of Man


     *The Angelic Seduction of Humanity Understanding Genesis 6 and the satanic corruption of
             the human genome.
    A Huge Genetic Question Mark.  The Answer to the Genetic Hybridization of man after
            Noah's Flood.
    Tower of Babel.  The cross genetic breading by the children of Ham.
    The Corruption of the Y Male Chromosome and the Human Genome.
            Understanding the why and the how of the Corruption of the Genome of humanity.
    Abraham believed God.  Justification by Faith in the Promised Word of God.
God's Way of Covenant Faith.  A Synopsis of the Genetic Trail to God's Promised Messiah.

Genealogy of the Son of Man


    *The  Women in Christ's Genealogy It is the glory of God to conceal a matter:
The Following 4 Women were all daughters of Hebrew Blood.  
    Tamar.  Is of Hebrew Blood and not of Canaanite genetic corruption.
    Rahab, and the Scarlet Thread. Is of Hebrew Blood, not of Canaanite corruption.
    Ruth.  Is of Hebrew Blood and not of Canaanite genetic corruption.
    Bathsheba.  Is of Hebrew Blood and not of Canaanite genetic corruption.
    *The Last Adam.  Jesus Christ, is the Last True Genetic Man of Adam's race. 
             Satan can find nothing in Christ Jesus, not even the genetics the Son of Adam to accuse the
             Holy One of God of any form of corruption, in soul, spirit or genetics.


What is your perception of Truth?


Life and Death


God's Sacrificial Love supersedes the Law of Quarantine. God's protective Law
        is spiritual first.
Hear the Roots of the Tree of Knowledge, Talking.
        O wretched man that I am, who will save me from this body of death?" 
The Law, a Quagmire of Confusion.  Sin is the problem, and not the Law.
*God's Amnesty Program. The Almighty's Abundant Pardon of Free Grace. 
God's Provisions for Life in the Spirit.

Sin's Deception

Be not deceived; God has not Changed.
A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.

          Hear, O Israel: The Lord Our God is One Lord.                       
A Litany of Admonishments to the Soul. Do not be forgetful!
*Come Let Us Reason Together.  IF YOU DARE TO BE CONFRONTED!
*False Security. But there were false prophets also among the people, even as there shall
        be false teachers among you.
The Sower's Word.




Looking down the Barrels of Judgment.
Dead logs from the Tree of Knowledge.
Godís Eternal Perspective View
The Law of Sowing and Reaping.
Godís Merciful Judgment.

The Way


I Will Guide thee with My Eye.
        The Battle of Wills.  
The Way the Truth and the Life.
         Discipleship is an Imperative.
The Cross of ill repute.
Enemies of the Cross.
The Beginnings of True Worship of God.
The Conclusion of the Mystery of Iniquity.


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